Cheaper Than Dirt can still kiss my ass…

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Someone with a Cheaper Than Dirt IP address didn’t like my post from yesterday

I laughed, because I have talked about my feels for Cheaper Than Dirt in the past on this here gun blog… Yep, still have not and will not ever give a single dime to those anti-gun traitors.

See here, and here… because here and here

*The Internet is forever.


  1. Hell yeah! Cheaper Than Dirt can go fuck themselves. They showed their true colors and I am boycotting them for life!

  2. People still spend money there..? I’m glad I’m not the only one that hasn’t forgotten. CTD is a dead company to me along with 44mag dot com. I have a similar screenshot from their website.

  3. I had no idea about this. Thanks for the back story. I will be passing this along. Completely unacceptable!

  4. After my first visit to their website looking for an item, I decided they should be called Cheaper Than Diamonds. Never bought anything from them.
    I can buy MagPul PMAGs at my LGS for $17.
    I know I can find them cheaper online, but only a few dollars less and then add in shipping, so buying locally is not a problem.

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  6. I didn’t know about all of this either. I’ll be throwing all of my catalogs in the trash as soon as I get home from work!

    Screw you, Cheaper Than Dirt!

  7. I bought a lead ladle from Cheaper than dirt, the ladle was cheap but they screwed me over on shipping which cost twice as much as the product. Haven’t bought anything from them since.

  8. I remember the $100 mags. I even called them to ask about the price, the guy on the phone told me he did not give a crap if I bought the mag or not and hung up on me.

    I refuse to do business with them. I guess there are people out there that have short memories, but not me.

    Semper Fi

  9. When their catalogs come in the mail, they go straight to the trash. Their e-mail ads go straight to spam. I tried to unsubscribe, but that didn’t work. Isn’t it strange how so many people have such short memories. I have “gun guy” friends who talk about buying from them. When I ask why they buy from such a douche bag company, they’ll hang their heads and mumble about the Sandy Hook aftermath being so long ago. No numbnuts, the Crusades was a long time ago. This shit just happened.

  10. Cheaper Than Dirt , Sucks for the most part . They have what seem to be great prices on stuff but when you click to find out the shipping cost … You will see that its not such a good deal after all , its how they get the full retail price even when on sale they get it back with outrageous shipping costs … about 3xs what it should cost on average … I needed to get some lead free 308 ammo which they have a good price 25.59 a box , great price but the total for 1 box with shipping was gonna cost almost 50.00 … for 1 box , I tried 2 boxes and the cost went to almost 70.00 for 40 rounds NO thanks ! … That is stupid , I guess dumb people keep buying from them , until this stops they will continue to screw us … I understand its about making money , but you don’t have to screw people because you can …When I shop for anything I look at shipping costs first , that is were many places jack up rates to re coupe their sale prices lots of them do this so pay attention ….. I like companies that offer a fair price and real shipping costs meaning they don’t make money on shipping , unfortunately there are few compared to the so many that will screw you on shipping costs …. Don’t buy from places with overly high shipping costs like (CHEAPER THAN DIRT ) if sales decline , sooner or later they will get the clue . I email companies and let them know their shipping is to high and I wont buy from them and pass it along to everyone I can . I get screwed over all the time in life and had enough of it … I sure don’t want to help people out that practice this kind of business … Sorry bout the rant but it burns my ass

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