1. Lol ctd has record sales since obama opened his mouth. They are over loaded with orders and unable to keep up. What does that say about all you DA who are boycotting them? I bought some of their mags for $30 and sold them online used for $100.00 keep boycotting ill take advantage while I can

  2. Cheaper than Dirt is history !!!! I will never spend another cent with this “retailer” Do they realize they have committed suicide with any customer that has independent thought !

  3. I sir am a capitalist and u sir are a communist. If you don’t want to buy then don’t I don’t care. But don’t tell me I am wrong for selling to people that want a product I have and nobody else does. If people are willing to pay more they want it more that is how the economy works. It’s not my fault you are a broke baby. I am making money and laughing at you because you are too dumb to realize the market has changed and it’s not my fault it’s your communist buddy. Why not boycott the manufactures for not producing enough for all you communist to get an equal share that you can afford. Maybe you could get the government involved to make things equal for you. Until then the market dictates the price this is called supply and demand. Price adjusts according to demand. I gave people what they wanted at a price they were willing to pay. Who are you to tell me I am not free to sell to them without your blessing. They work hard and they deserve it more than you so I am happy not selling to you but to them. The market will change again but what direction we don’t know until then I am going to load up and do what I can to keep my guns and bible and sell to others not to be equal but to make money.

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