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MSRP for the Ballista Nautilus Rotating Rail – $549


Ballista Tactical Introduces The Nautilus Rotating Rail

Ballista Tactical Systems has announced the release of its latest innovation – the Nautilus Rotating Rail.  This unique rail system is designed to give shooters an option they’ve never had before – the ability to reconfigure their firearm accessories without removing them from the rails. By eliminating the unnecessary chore of disconnecting accessories, the Nautilus Rotating Rail delivers unprecedented versatility to any standard AR platform carbine rifle. Read Full Post…


In case you like playing that game as much as I do, Tom made a list of what to look for.

*I had that whole hugging thing happen to me not too long ago. The key is to go in low with the gun side arm so that the other person has to keep their arm high and away from your heater.

If I can help but one person…

… It will all be worth it. Something, something, Star Wars.

You know, its pretty darn interesting to see what some of you buy through the Amazon linkage that I provide on this here blog. Some of it is some crazy shit. Thank you, BTW, it helps me make purchases like this one which in turn helps to keep this here blog running along with reviews and what not… but anywho…  I have noticed that over the past few weeks or so many of you have purchased one of those TRS-25s that I raved about in an earlier review. Thats pretty cool… and its good to know that I could help you find what I consider to be a great budget optic.

*Cough* – Only $85 on Amazon!

Evil Black Rifle Scopes Spotted at the Walmarts

I tell ya what… each time I go into Walmart (Not affiliated with Gunmart) I become more and more convinced that they are focused on becoming the ultimate Zombie apocalypse one-stop-shop. Yesterday I saw that they are now carrying the new Nikon p223 Scope and the P223 scope mount.

Anti-gun crowd, would you like to give a rebuttal? Muhahahaaha!

Bloomberg Jumps on the Pro-RKBA Bandwagon

He just doesnt realize it yet. Shhh…. Dont tell him. Lets just watch him squirm:

“Let me ask you this Miss, if somebody pointed a gun at you and you had a gun in your pocket, what would you do? I think that answers the question,”