The fuzzy math of Moms Demand Action claiming 6 million members

MomsThe group of mommies has recently boosted their claim that their membership is now 6 million strong. What I find interesting is that they try to officially always use the term “supporters” instead of “members”, but they will occasionally slip up and say that they have 6 million members. They are generally trying to portray themselves as having 6 million members, and journalists who are writing fluff pieces about them will usually toe the line and use the term members. I dont think this number is a coincidence since the NRA is 5.5 million dues paying members strong.

Meanwhile in 2018, they were outed as having only 3,000 members nationwide. And in 2018 they also officially stated they had 200,000 members.

Lets look at the math, shall we…

They claim 750 Moms Demand Action groups nationally, and 350 Students demand Action groups nationally for a total of 1,100 groups. Now, if you divide 6 million members by 1,100 groups that gives you 5,454 members per local group.

Thats absolutely laughable.

*In 2018 they were dancing in the blood of the Parkland shooting and claimed to officially have 150 chapters nationwide.

I will also point out that they only have about 750K+ likes on Facebook. Also laughable for a group that claims to have been born of Facebook and that likes to think of themselves as such a grassroots savvy organization.

  1. O.k. let’s say they do have 6 million, how many gun owners are there? 65 million? 150 million? 200 million? Any way you cut it, you loose. P.S. people in office needs to remember this.

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