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Impact Guns Gives Kel-Tec the Finger

Ouch. That is gonna leave a mark… On the product page for the RMR-30 Carbine they had this to say:

RMR-30 Carbine

Availability: Dream On

Reality Check:
We ehope (sic) to sell a lot of these carbines– someday. Can you expect to really get one anytime soon? The sad truth is that Kel-Tec cannot deliver product in any realistic quantity. So we offer it for sale with this caveat: Buyer Beware- not really available anytime soon.

Vortex Strikefire Red Dot

Tactical Gun Review has a review of the Vortex Strikefire red dot. I have no experience with this red dot, but everything I have ever read about them on the Ineterwebs have had great things to say about them. For $170 its definitely one to consider.

IDPA is NOT Training


Yep. There are a bunch of good reasons in that article to back up the point, but there in no doubt that if you think you are effectively training yourself for a deadly confrontation by doing IDPA you are fooling yourself. About the only thing that I personally think IDPA teaches you is to shoot under pressure. I’m not trying to piss all over IDPA at all, so dont get me wrong. I just think that there are a lot of misconceptions about what it can do for you. I also really liked this:

Another thing I noticed at this match was that I seemed to be the only person with an IWB holster using a t-shirt as a cover garment. Everyone else was shooting using some sort of vest or jacket combined with a belt-style holster.

There are two possible explanations for this: either everyone normally carries with a gaudy looking photographer’s vest, or everyone was gaming the match.

I’m going to assume the latter because I don’t see too many of those vests outside of a match.

I’ve always chuckled about that myself.

Thigh and Ankle Holster

That Texas Lady has a post up about a pretty good looking one. I actually would not mind having one of these. I wear baggy shorts in the summer and carrying a thigh holster upside down would actually work pretty good for deep concealment/backup…. and I am always looking for a good ankle holster.

I’ve actually never read a review where a gun product was field tested at a wedding. Thats a first.


Next Level Training is now offering their dry-fire training devise for the AR. The SIRT-AR

Next Level Training is adding a new training tool for the AR-15 platform, the SIRT-AR Bolt. By replacing your bolt carrier with the SIRT-AR Bolt you will be able to train with a self resetting trigger that activates a laser fired down the barrel of your rifle using your upper, your optics, and your lower. Simply open the rear takedown pin, remove your bolt carrier, insert the SIRT-AR Bolt and trigger bar, close and latch the take down pin and you are ready to train!
With the SIRT-AR Bolt, you can now train shooting with an offset, weapons manipulation, mag changes, presentation shots, transitions from primary to secondary, and strong side to weak side.
  • Designed for advanced dry fire training
  • Convert your AR-15 in 20 seconds
  • Adjustable shot indicating green laser ($250) or red laser ($150)
  • SIRT-AR Bolt works with your upper on your lower
  • Replaces your bolt carrier
  • Universal to fit all Mil Spec AR Triggers*
  • NOT compatable with Colt AR/M4’s that have Full auto selector*
  • Enables your lower’s trigger to auto-reset
  • 200 yard visibility through optics
  • Not rackable
  • Uses Lithium CR123 Batteries
  • Made in the USA

Send me one please! That thing is awesome.

Hat Tip: JTT

A Family of Guns

That can have several meanings… and in this case it does. Over at GGG&G (is that enough Gs?) they are talking about their family of SR9s that their Family has set up as their defensive firearms…. I also have to say, I always love the pics that show up at that blog.

We all have access to the same guns that operate the same way, take the same cartridge, use the same magazines, take-down and re-assemble the same way… well, you get the point… when we’re together at home or out and about… our family can work as a defensive unit… not as three folks who have no idea what the other folks are trying or likely to do.