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Pro Tip: Use Kydex

Brandon makes the case for Kydex

I’m a big fan of Kydex holsters. Don’t get me wrong, I think leather holsters can be great as well, I just generally prefer Kydex. If you haven’t yet discovered a love for thermoplastic gun sleeves as I have, read on and I’ll see what I can do about that.

For the record… Kydex has its place but IMHO its not the end-all, be-all of holsters. YMMV

More on the S&W Shield

Yeah, I have yet to see one of these in the wild, but they are out there. RTB has a great photo comparison of the Shield and two other small single stack 9mms. Rebecca also has a video up of her first range trip with the new gun.

Gun Porn

Lots of it…  over at Pho-Tac gallery page. Yeah, they are a professional photography company that specializes in… well, gun porn! Sweet pics. Go check em out.

*I also thought this one was pretty cool…. a Kydex holster for your Bic. Ha!