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Plinker Arms Introduces Two New .22LR Magazines

New for their AR-15 .22 lr conversions, and universal to many of the other manufacturers out there…

Plinker Arms, makers of American-made firearms magazines, accessories and components, announces two new .22LR magazines to their family of .22LR products; the .22LR Universal Magazine and the .22LR Upper Conversion Magazine.

The Plinker Arms Universal .22LR Magazine is an American-made, sonically welded .22LR magazine for SIG, DPMS and CMMG* rifles. The magazines are made using a very durable, long-fiber polymer that not only increases the magazines longevity but makes the magazines more solvent and corrosion resistant.  The Universal .22LR Magazines are available in Black, OD Green and Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and in either 10 or 25 round capacities (all state laws apply). Limited lifetime warranty. MSRP is $24.99. Read Full Post…

New For 2014 — The CMMG Mk4 RCE

Here is the presser…
For the past decade, CMMG has delivered precision-machined AR rifles known for their exceptional function, accuracy and reliability.  The latest rifle to embody these features is the CMMG Mk4 RCE, available in 5.56x45mm NATO or .300 AAC Blackout.

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New Hottness: 80% lower finishing jig… stickers!

Saw these the other day and it was so stupid simple that its just brilliant. Yes, you can buy jigs to finish out your 80% lower (here and here and here), but they are pricey. And seeing as you might only use it once, then why fork out the cash. These new stickers are only $3!

These are a great idea:

They get one bad review because the guy was sent two of the same side in the one that he bought, but for $3 who cares… just order another one.


Kydex be damned… Carbon Fiber!

Pricey, but I guess thats justifiable since its real, honest to goodness carbon fiber. They are cool and all, but I would love to see some open carry models for when I attend BBQs and what-not.


Amazon under attack from anti-gunners, and whats this…

If you have not heard this story yet, the anti-gun crowd is going after Amazon for selling gun accessories. Yes, the new strategy is to vilify anyone associated with anything gun related.

And OBTW… Look at all the gunnie goodies that you might not have known you can buy on amazon…

Ar-15 80% Lowers (here and here and here)

80% Lower finishing jig… And here

80% lower and jig combo package.

AR-10 80% lowers

Bump fire stocks

Slide fire stocks

They also have everything in the way of complete bolt carrier groups, lower and upper part kits, and just about everything else you need to finish out an AR.

BOOM! Freedom, Bitches!

Review: SafeGuard Soft Body Armor Carrier

If you have been following along with the blog of late then you might have noticed the couple of reviews that I recently published of products sent by the good people over at SafeGuard Armor. If you are not familiar with SafeGuard Armor, they are a company that has been in the body armor business for more than 10 years now… they have a pretty good catalog of body armor products to choose from and they have many satisfied customers around the world. From the time that I have spent working with their products I have come to greatly appreciate the quality of the products that they sell as well as their high level of service.

The product that I want to talk to you about today is their Soft Body Armor Carrier. What this product is designed to do is to be a way to use their soft body armor panels that come with their concealable body armor and make it more suitable for the hard everyday abuse.

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