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The red flag loophole…

So, how long does it take to get a ‘red flag’ put into NICS? Since the only thing that red flag laws do is remove guns from a ‘highly dangerous’ individual, and leaves them essentially on the loose in society… what is stopping them from immediately going to the gun shop 30 minutes after their guns are confiscated and buying another gun?

I’m not even talking about the fact that they can still get one illegally. There are tons of failures in the NICS system… and I would bet dollars to donuts that it takes a considerable amount of time for the ‘red flag’ to show up in the system.

New pro-gun talking point…

While talking with an anti-gun colleague at work yesterday… they inevitably went to the old anti-gun talking point “We need to regulate guns the way that we regulate cars.”

To which I replied, ‘Thats a great idea! Why dont we also regulate all of the other rights outlined in the bill of rights the same way we regulate guns? Lets force people to pay a fee, get a background check, get a government issued license before we allow them to vote… to exercise free speech… maybe we should force people to get fingerprinted and put on a registry before we let them enjoy freedom of religion. Since abortion is now a “right found in the constitution” perhaps we should require people to go through a waiting period and a background check and pay a fee to have a license issued to them before they can go purchase an abortion. Maybe we should have red-flag laws in place so people lose their right to vote if we think they might vote for Trump in the next election.’

They didn’t have a clue what to do with that. Give it a try next time you are talking to an anti-gunner. It works.

“Beto O’Rourke is a prohibited person”


When red flag laws become the law of the land, “Beto O’Rourke is a prohibited person” is exactly how the report will come back on him.

You see, once Red Flag laws are the law of the land, DUIs will be used to disqualify you from firearm ownership eligibility. Experts who are advising on this say that DUIs are a sign of future violence and should be used to seize firearms under red flag laws.

In 1998 Beto O’Rourke tried to flee the scene for his DUI.

So, the guy who is declaring that he will institute nation wide gun confiscation would be a prohibited person while trying to do so.

Shannon Watts cant get enough of that sweet, sweet book sales money

You know how I know she is just in it for the money? The never ending book tour


Shannon Watts

And then there is this one…

Shannon Watts 2

This last one was actually from Watts’ twitter account so I would bet dollars to donuts that it was staged.

I would absolutely love to see what her paycheck is for her work with MDA. Mama gots to get paid.

Top 10 Things Said by Someone Who Carries a 10mm

From the way-back machine

10. “Glock 19? Nice mouse gun, Bro.”

9. “Chuck Norris is my god.”

8. “40S&W stands for Short and Weak.”

7. “Stopping power”

6. “.45 ACP? Bro, thats what my girlfriend carries.”

5. Two words: “Forum moderator.”

4. “Colt Delta Elite”

3. “Because shooting someone twice is just silly.”

2. “Man-stopper”

And the #1 thing said by someone who carries a 10mm…

1. “Perhaps a snubbie for the little lady.”