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Koss Corporation Partners with Mossy Oak

MO-Koss Full Size Headphones

MILWAUKEE, WI – Koss Corporation, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin based high fidelity stereophone manufacturer and inventor of the world’s first SP/3 Stereophone in 1958, is pleased to announce a partnership with Mossy Oak.

These two industry innovators have partnered to bring Mossy Oak’s award-winning patterns to the Sound of Koss. Break-Up Infinity® and Break-Up® patterns are hydrographically applied to three different styles of headphones; a full-size stereophone, an on-ear stereophone and two sets of earbud stereophones. Read Full Post…

Cheaper Than Dirt: ‘The Whole Zombies Thing is a Gimmick’

Well, let me be the first to say…. DUH!

Whats the next big thing in the industry? Well, I have opined (but that was almost a year ago now) that suppressors are the next big thing. Will it be? I cant say for sure, but its definitely trending. Cheaper Than Dirt thinks that the whole zombie thing is just a gimmick that has finally run its course. Are they right? Not sure…. but damn it I hope so.

Draco SBRs

Mr Colin Noir has put together a nice read entitled I Want a Draco SBR & You Should too… Man, do  I ever! I love, repeat love the feel and handling of an SBR. Honestly the only thing that is holding me back is the tax stamp. Since I have no real “nead” for an SBR vs a standard length rifle, I just cant bring myself to justify the added expense. I would probably go the AR SBR route though if they do ever get rid of that disenfranchising “poll tax”.

I like that one alot:

Daily Firearms News

All the headlines from today’s installment of ‘Daily Firearms News‘ will be located here today at this blog post instead of at the usual dedicated page. Doing something a little different to shake things up a little. Go with it.

Make the page jump for all the extra reading material from around the web-o-sphere.

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How to get your wife/girlfirend into shooting

Caleb Giddings broached this subject yesterday on his blog and answered the question of “how-to” by simply saying… “Dont.” Seriously. Go read the article for the full context, but basically he is saying dont force the issue.

My opinion on the matter is the same as I mentioned the other day in my Gun N00bs post… that is take them shooting. If there is truly a real interest there and its something that they want to get into then they will be instantly hooked.

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A Message From Rob Pincus

I wanted to take a little blog space to share this message from Rob…


Today is an Exciting Day for I.C.E. Training Company and for me personally.

When I look at the milestones of my career as a professional trainer, one that certainly stands out in the early evolution of my approach to training occurred about a decade ago in Florida. I had been invited to observe and participate in a Special Operations Team’s week of Annual Training… but the team leader didn’t know it. As it turned out, between the time I had been invited and the time of the AT, the team’s previous leader (whom I had met at an Anti-Terrorism  Course a few months earlier) had changed jobs and been replaced. When I rolled up at the meeting point, no one really had any idea who I was or why I was there. Luckily for me, I was able to establish enough legitimacy that I was accepted and I was able to help orchestrate some of the team’s CQB Scenario Training. It was during that week that I ran the first of what would be thousands of Extreme Close Quarters Counter Ambush Scenarios, combining unarmed skills with sim-gun training, which eventually became the staple of my work with elite military teams and civilian students. It was during that week that I first was introduced to High Gear impact reduction suits, which lead to many years of collaboration and training with Tony Blauer. And, it was during that week, most importantly in regard to today’s announcement that I became friends with Gary Meares. Read Full Post…