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True Story…

Seen at the local Target…

Hipster – complete with hipster handle-bar mustache – was walking to his car while we were doing the same… He gets into a Prius that had a ‘Zombie Hunter’ bumper sticker on it. I kid you not! I was all like ‘What the, what?‘.

So I guess during the apocalypse he will be shooting zombies ironically.

*I’d love to see his gun collection.


Alternate Headline: OMG! A gun in a “bar”… OMG! OMG! OMG!

Pro Tip: If you are going to take your gun out of your holster and tuck it under the seat of your car after eating the world’s greatest fajitas in the world (I’m talking to you local Mexican eatery. I love you!), then at least don’t park right next to the restaurant.

I get it. You ate too much of those tasty, tasty fajitas and you probably would like to loosen your belt, but all those windows that you see lining the side of the restaurant are not one-way glass. We can see you. So why don’t you wait until you drive up the road a piece before you make your concealed carry adjustments. Or at the very least close your car door and try not to be obvious.

*BTW – For those of you keeping score at home, it was a Glock.

We must ban Oklahoma! Because Racist!


Alternate Headline: I guess the opinion of the Indian Code Talkers doesn’t matter.

Well, the .gov finally did it. It is now officially, official that ‘Redskins’ is deemed to be racist… the NFL team has now lost their trademark/patent and the team is essentially being forced by the .gov to change their name. Yes, I said forced. Thats because financially speaking it is way to valuable to hold a trademark/patent on your team’s name/images. So, yes, the government just forced it’s will upon a privately owned business. America!

Obama hosts Chicago Blackhawks in Washington

Like everything else associated with big-government and for the sake of protecting the constitutionality of ‘equal protection’, I have to ask where exactly does it stop? Is the Washington Redskins the pound of flesh Read Full Post…