30 Minutes with the Glock 43…

Great video…


Because licensing and background checks solves everything!

Well, I guess its safe to say that the new crazy is now pilots. Couple that with the previous incident and  I think that this is clearly the mass murder flavor of the month…


So like I said before… When will the gun control zealots demand we ban airplanes? I mean if it saves just one life! Where is all the talk of ‘common sense airplane control’, or demands for ‘reasonable airplane capacity restrictions’, or any of the other bed-wetting talking points from the gun control playbook?

And when will we demand the common sense approach and require pilots to be licensed and background checked? That would solve everything! Oh wait.

MagGuts: +1 extension without the extension…

In the why the hell did I not think of that category… MagGuts… Change the mag internals and get a +1 without the extension. They make several units for various ‘mouse guns’. Bruce says they run fine.

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Dear @GlockInc, One more…

I’ll just leave this right here…


*Would also love to see a Glock 19 in a single stack version. Thanks.

An open letter to Glock — @GLOCKInc

I’ll just leave this right here and give you something to think about for next year…



Alternate Headline: Glock: ‘Hey, lets make what that gun blogger told us to make.’

Alternate Headline: And all of you guys complained about the capacity of the 43.


Glock 43 Revealed!

Look what I see as the featured post over at The Gun Feed

Glock 43

Overall length of 6.26 inches (6.41 for the Glock 26), weight of 1.12 pounds (essentially 4 ounces lighter). I was right… Its essentially a single stack Glock 26

*Its also not as thin as the Glock 42