Behold! The Awesome Power of Blogging!

Alternate Headline: First World Problems.

I complained about this the other day, and poof!… Look what magically shows up in my mail box not three days later… and about a week or two ahead of schedule.



Max Michel Giveaway – No, you can’t win Max Michel.

Max Michel Gun Giveaway

Max Michel, Jr., champion competitive shooter, firearms instructor and television personality, is pleased to announce today the official launch of a new contest aimed to thank his fans for their continuous support. The contest, run through Continue reading

Mark Kelly kinda blaming Sarah Palin for Gabby being shot…

‘I don’t want to say that she is to blame, but… “Irresponsible”, and “insensitive”.’

Stay classy, Mark…


COLMES: Just today in California, Gov. Brown signed a law that says if you are a relative of somebody that has a gun and you think is dangerous, you can now take that to a judge, who then may decide to take that gun away, and some people are quite upset about that. Continue reading

Today’s Funny…

Obviously compensating for the size of his…


New Kershaw…

Kershaw Shuffle

Picked up a Kershaw Shuffle the other day… Its a pretty good little folder. Nice and lightweight, and it deploys nicely. The only draw back is that I had to put a [better] edge on it. No big deal. We will Continue reading

Did Ruger just win the budget AR-15 wars?

I dont know if they did or not. I have no idea about how the quality is going to be on these, but at a sub $700 street price the Ruger AR-556 isĀ  going to be the rifle that the budget buyer is going to ask for first.

Ruger AR556