LOL – Don Lemon defines “automatic weapon” for us… As he sees it.

“I bought an automatic weapon (…) I can do that with my AR-15 (…) This is all semantics.”


Van Jones nods approvingly.

ExtremeBeam’s New M600 – 600 Lumen and 6 hours of run time!

They make a great light. I have reviewed their stuff in the past and really, really like it.

Here is the presser: Continue reading


I’m not necessarily promoting them or saying dont shop there, but this commercial gave me chills…

Well done.

More: KRISS + SB15

The Firearm Blog has more details (and MSRP) on what I told KRISS they should make. Yeah. Its pretty darn awesome…

kriss vector SB 15 sig brace

*FYI – Shoulder thingy does not go up. (non-foldy)

Five anti-gun liberals shoot guns for the first time…

Staunchly anti-gun…

“I dont think there is any reason to have guns in America”

Because Gun Control – 1,202 full-auto assault rifles…

Here is a screen shot from this map that I told you about yesterday…

Cook County

Now, if gun control is such an effective tool then why do the cops in Cook County need all those bullet-hoses?

Exit Question: Who are the police planning to assault?