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Hi point Glock Carbine

With the never ending begging for Glock to porduce an AR-15, wouldn’t it have been funny as hell if they showed up at SHOT Show with a Glock AK? lol

Out: “Arsenal” … In: “Lots”

Apparently they dropped English 101 at Journalism school…

Actual Headline:

Atlantic City men charged for defaced firearm, lots of ammo



What anti-gun biased media — AP!

You will remember the story that I broke a while back about Moms Demand Action having armed security when they did their Brooklyn bridge march… Well, here is how the AP cropped their pic of the same march to remove all evidence there of…

Picture = 1,000 words. Compare/Contrast:



I’m still around…

Yes, reports of my demise… well, actually there have been no reports. I’ve just crazy busy and I have nothing really to blog bloviate about lately. Haven’t been shooting in a probably forever, and I totally got skunked this hunting season…

I’ll post some later when I get caught up.

I kinda got “made” yesterday…

Alternate Headline: Well, that’s a first.

I say “kinda” because I am pretty sure that I was indeed made, but not a word was said about it, and nothing ever came of it.

I was dressed in business attire so I was using a tuck-able holster to carry my Ruger LCR. It was pretty obvious from following their eyes and Continue reading

IWI: Hey, lets make what that gun blogger told us to make…

Once again, I was right… The industry is moving full speed ahead towards putting a SIG brace on everything… Hey look, an Uzi with a side folder:

Pricey, but I want!