Anti-gun Facebook be all like…

Oops. Need to go re-write those algorithms…


*NOTE: First time in the history of the internets that the word algorithm has been used on a gunĀ  blog.

Out: Versa Carry. In: OMG! Worlds Most Controversial Holster in the World!

I guess nobody honestly cares anymore about how controversial the Versa Carry was… because there is now a new hotness in town that is looking to mimic relatively the same concept. Behold, the Zero Carry:

Let the sh*t storm begin!

My tweet hand is strong…

Boom! 15k…


I like Bob Owens, but…

I like Bob Owens, I really do. Never met the guy, but I enjoy reading his website.

BUT… Continue reading

Obama officially takes off the mask…

Here we go…

LaBron James, good. Hedge fund managers, evil!

More: “We’re going to have to change the way the media reports”

Moms Demand Action: Be Smart We admit defeat

Alternate Headline: Would you like to concede?

Wow. This video is nothing but a concession speech and a desperate effort to cling to some sort of relevancy in order to stay in business. If you don’t want to sit through the entire video, I will sum it all up for ya here:

*You are going to buy a gun anyway, so talk about it and be on the same page.

*Keep kids from getting your gun.

*More kids die from drowning than from guns so also ask if there is a pool at the house before a play-date.

*The 5 rules of gun safety.

*Having a teen in the house is the single biggest risk factor for a suicide.

*Damn it! We cant do anything right!

I also loved the implication that police are ‘the only ones professional enough’ to handle a gun in this video – I lol’d.