These guys really, really want my money…

Dear Gunnie Clause… CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol please!

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol

I think this has jumped to the head of the line in front all the 9mm AR-15s that I have been wanting.

MSRP $849 … And it can be had with an arm brace!

Whats in your center console…

You should see whats in my trunk… #Arsenal


I fixed it!

Taurus Curve

Hash Tag: #GoHomeTaurusYoureDrunk



The man who shot Bin Laden gave the magazine he used to the CIA analyst…

Magpul Come and Take It

Wow. Talk about a war trophy.

After Robert O’Neill shot Bin Laden he gave the mag that was in his gun to the CIA analyst who had worked so hard to track Bin Laden down (Part 2 at 25 minute mark). Thats pretty darn cool. The three shell casing would have also made an amazing war trophy. I hope someone pick those up.

If you missed the full interview the other day here they are. Its powerful stuff… Continue reading

Taurus Curve – Is that a cell phone in your pants or…

Alternate Headline: Taurus officially tells left handed people ‘We dont want your money’.

Alternate Headline: Go home, Taurus. You’re drunk.

This pic of the Taurus Curve from… Yeah, “guaranteed not to print”. Also guaranteed to only rust on one side.

Taurus Curve

It dropped today, so here are all the specs on the new Taurus Curve… Continue reading

Oh, the Fudds are still alive and well…

And the ‘Letters’ section of Outdoor Life (The same publication that loves them some Jim Zumbo once again) are more than happy to print their ignorant, narrow minded drivel… In the December 2014 issue, and I quote… Continue reading