Monthly Archives: February 2013

The myth of magazine bans completely undressed

This is a powerful video. Make no mistake, it means jack-squat to those who are dogmatic about civilian disarmament, but this is the type of evidence that we need to be holding up to the general public as we wage this battle.

GunUp the Magazine Officially Launches has officially launched their magazine (the periodical, dead tree type thingy). You can view the first digital (preview) copy here for free, and also subscribe at the same link for 99 cents per issue for digital and $2.99 for print and digital. It all goes live with their first actual issue in April 2013. Go check it out!

Frog Lube Frog Wipes!

Now this is pretty cool… unbeknownst to me Frog Lube is now available in wipes. These would be great for a bug out bag or any kind of range bag or anything like that. They are pretty good size so they can be cut down… and they are resealable too. Price: $8

GunUp ends sales to LE in anti-gun states


Due to the large number of anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment initiatives that have been passed or proposed in states like New York and Colorado, GunUp will apply all state and federal laws (as applied to civilians) to all state and local government agencies and officers. To put it simply, we will limit all sales of firearms and magazines to only what law abiding citizens may possess in their state, county, or city.

“GunUp believes that all citizens should have the same rights under the Second Amendment,” said Vice President Caleb Giddings. “Unfortunately, some politicians don’t agree, and as such we will not sell firearms, magazines, or accessories to any LE agency or officer in states where those items are prohibited to law abiding citizens.”
GunUp will continue to support law abiding citizens in ban states to the best of our ability, and will continue to offer fair prices on guns and gear to those citizens.

-Caleb Giddings, Vice President