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Head on over to AmmoLand and read my new article from today. I talk about the cultural shift that needs to take place at gun shops to accommodate the new gun culture in America…. and the rest of us who are just totally over it.

Airsoft MiniGun

I kid you not… and its only $3,500. But hey, you can write your name with it. Send me one for testing, please! :)

Echo 1 M134 Minigun AEG (Long Version)
The M134 Minigun by Craft Apple Works is the ultimate in Airsoft Extremism! Built out pure awesome by the totally-wicked-awesome-ninjas in Japan, this destroyer of worlds airsoft gun is the ultimate support weapon. The entire contraption is light-weight aluminum alloy, but don’t let that fool you. This bad boy still weighs almost 40 lbs! (and that’s without the battery, solenoid, magazine, and BBs!) This entire thing is custom down to the bone. A gluten for voltage, this gun requires a special 12v motorcycle battery in order to power the over-size, heavy-duty motor. The output is about 400 fps and when in full swing it shoots about 90 BBs a second out the full rotation barrels. The included magazine holds 1700 rounds, but it is possible to customize a backpack feed design similar to the one seen in Predator with Jesse “The Body” Ventura. When ordered, this gun will ship to you in a custom designed and packed weapon crate for your ego pleasure. Just remember, no matter how cool or awesome this gun may be, your girlfriend will still roll her eyes at you. 
  • Echo 1 M134 Minigun AEG (Long Version)
  • Manufacturer: Craft Apple Works
  • Type: Airsoft AEG
  • Velocity: ~400 fps
  • Gearbox: MINIGUN!!
  • Magazine: 1700 Rounds
  • Battery Recommended: 12v Motorcycle
  • BBs Recommended: 0.25g +
  • Barrel Length: 300 mm
  • Rifle Length: TBA

Here is one of the reviews of the gun from the site… Oh you silly airsoft boys.

When you think of a mini-gun, you think of a beast. But it does have a couple of cons, but, I think the pros out-way the cons. The mini-gun is often is criticized because they say that it isn’t practical. The mini-gun wast made to walk around and be a gun where you have to run around and etc. It was made first for intimidation and to be like a defensive turret. This gun will make your enemy’s they hadn’t gotten up that morning. This gun is a must. (p.s. if you have the money!)

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