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Shelley Rae Shoots the Shield

Over at Western Shooting Journal, Shelley talks about her first chance to get to shoot the Shield. Spoiler Alert… its yet again another rave review on this new gun. Its seems like everyone who gets the chance to shoot it falls in love.

Zombie Max Ammo Plant being auctioned to benefit HAVA

Zombie Max Ammo Plant

Zombie Max™ Ammo Plant being auctioned to benefit HAVA

Grand Island, NE – Hornady Manufacturing® is offering an opportunity to bid on the second of only two unique Zombie Max™ Ammo Plants in an online auction, with all proceeds benefiting Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA), a nonprofit organization that helps disabled combat veterans transition back to their lives in the United States, through active participation in hunts, shooting sports, and other outdoor activities.
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A new website called has been put together by Intermedia Outdoors to be a one stop shop for sportsmen when it comes to political issues. Covering both candidates and legislation, its a great way to stay up to date on what is going on in the political world as it affects gun owners and sportsmen.

Turn your head and cough

Obamacare is pretty much our future. Thanks to Justice Roberts and the other four liberal justices… here is the pdf of the ruling if you want to read it.

Alternate Headline: Bend over and take it.

Alternate Headline: Repent for the end is at hand.

Alternate Headline: Romney wins 2012 presidential election

The ATN PS7 Night Vision Goggle

The ATN PS7 Night Vision Goggle

The Most Affordable, Highly-configurable and Multi-Purpose Night Vision Goggle on the Market for Law Enforcement, Private Security or Outdoor Enthusiasts

South San Francisco, CA (June 2012) – American Technologies Network, makers of military, law enforcement, security and outdoor night vision and thermal applications, announce the ATN PS7 night vision goggle. It is a lightweight, high-performance night vision goggle that contain top-of-the-line components that produce optical images in great clarity and detail even in unfavorable conditions. The ATN PS7 can be used as a hand-held goggle, or head-mounted with the hands-free, flip-up head mount assembly that comes standard with the goggle, or also used as a helmet-mounted model with an optional MICH or PAGST helmet mount kit. The multi-coated, all glass optics also feature a Sacrificial Window that shields the optics form sand or debris that may scratch the lens. The ATN PS7 is available in several high-resolution image intensifier tube configurations. Combine all of the above with a built-in Infrared dual-focus and wide-angle Illuminator that lets you see in total darkness.

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Rachel Maddow With a Rifle

Rolling Stone is saying that she is “totally into guns” or something. This whole thing is wrong on so many levels… Hey Rachel, take a wild guess whats gonna be the first thing to go once your far left brethren stop pretending they are not socialists.

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