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Delta Airlines and United Airlines: Guns for we but not for thee!

Yes, Delta Airlines and United has come out to bash the NRA and cut business ties with them.


Translation: ‘Guns are bad, the NRA is evil, gun manufacturers are the devil!’

OK. Thats fine. But why are you still allowing your pilots to carry guns? Why are you still allowing armed air marshals to provide armed security on your planes? Hypocrites much?

While you are at it why dont you permanently ground your planes? If guns cause school shootings, then airplanes caused 9/11. And I would hate to see another 100 people get murdered because a pilot decides to commit suicide again while at the wheel and take a plane full of people with him.

Why do the police need “mass shooting guns”?

Gun Control

Actual Headline from the LA Slimes…

“No one becomes a mass shooter without a mass-shooting gun”

Really? A mass-shooting gun? These people are making the case that ‘Only the police’ should have “mass shooting guns”. These are the same people who made the case for the longest time that cops in America are systematically hunting down and murdering black people. These are also the people who think that the GOP and Trump are literally Nazis (which I talked about the answer to that one yesterday).

So do tell, liberals, why do the police need an ‘evil baby killing mass shooting gun’? The comment section is all yours.