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GLOCK, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years in the United States with 2,500 Limited-Edition Pistols

Really thats the best you can do, Glock? What? Oh, it comes with a key chain… well that changes everything.

The 25th Anniversary, Limited-Edition GLOCK 17 Gen4 features a custom, silver 25th Anniversary logo inset on the grip. It also features inscription on the slide. The pistol comes in a silver colored GLOCK pistol box, a departure from the signature black GLOCK pistol box, to commemorate the Silver Anniversary. The 25th Anniversary Logo is laser cut into the foam insert, and the set comes with a commemorative key chain.

Review: Crimson Trace Pro-Custom Chainmail III Lasergrips

I had a box show up at my door recently from the good folks at Crimson Trace. Inside said box was a gorgeous set of Lasergrips for the 1911… Their all new Pro-Custom Chainmail III pattern Lasergrips.

From the first time you lay eyes on these new grips, they just scream awesome. They have one of the most unique looks Crimson Trace has ever done, and they really stand out and make people take notice. They have a gray and white print which I think looks very much like carbon fiber. They are also accentuated by a black rubber insert that provides extra grip as well as houses the activation button. The new Crimson Trace Pro-Custom Chainmail III pattern really dressed up this classic blued Colt National Match, but they would look great as well on an all stainless 1911 or especially a two-toned version:

Crimson Trace Pro-Custom
Crimson Trace Pro-Custom

The new look of the Chainmail III is definitely a home run, but to me the most important thing is functionality... and Crimson Trace did not disappoint in this department. Quality is exactly what you would expect from an industry leader like Crimson Trace. Of course, installation was quick and easy. If you can replace the stock grips on your 1911, then you can install a new set of Lasergrips in no time flat. The laser comes from the factory sighted for 50 feet. Once on the gun, I only had to make a small adjustment to get lined up on the sights. You may or may not have to adjust the laser further at the range, but that will likely depend on your chosen load and the distance at which you want to zero.

Crimson Trace Pro-Custom

These Lasergrips shoot like a dream. Activation is handled in the very familiar Crimson Trace style. A small activation button is located on the front of the grip and inside of the black rubber insert. It is of course very intuitive and an absolutely ideal laser activation method for concealed carry/personal protection. Simply put, when you grip the gun with a firm shooting grip your laser will be activated. Its that simple.

Crimson Trace Pro-Custom

So what’s the bottom line?

Crimson Trace has once again put out a winner. These Lasergrips are a great example of why Crimson Trace has been the benchmark of the industry for the past 15 years. The Pro-Custom Chainmail III is a quality product which provides an awesome look and a world renowned laser aiming devise. Like all Crimson Trace lasers, this is one of the brightest red lasers that I have seen. It measured in at about half an inch at across the room distances, and is visible even on the brightest of days. 

So far, I have put exactly 100 rounds through this gun with the Lasergrips installed and have seen no movement in my initial zero whatsoever. In fact, there are no problems at all to report. These things are so well made that they are pretty much idiot proof (no smart comments from the peanut gallery, please)… just put them on the gun, sight them in and then you can pretty much forget about them until its time for a battery change (which is about 4 hours of active on time, BTW).  

Another big plus of these (and all of Crimson Trace’s 1911 grips) is that there is no need to go out and buy all new holsters. Since these grips completely replicate stock 1911 grips there is no cost incurred in having to find compatible holsters. So, if you are looking for a laser to put on your 1911 head on over to the Crimson Trace website and check out all the various models they have available. They are one of the best on the market today. 

*More pics available here