Cheaper Than Dirt Charging $199 for stripped AR-15 lowers

The price gouging that we have seen in the past from Cheaper Than Dirt continues yet again… $199 for an Anderson Manufacturing stripped lower

Cheaper Than Dirt

Let me repeat… We will never, EVER, EVER forget…

For those of you who dont know the back story here, See here, and here for the shenanigans they tried to pull. Or just search ‘Cheaper Than Dirt’ on this here gun blog.

They will never, ever see one thin dime from me. Never!


  1. Anderson lowers aren’t cheap to start, but this is ridiculous. I have bought one Anderson stripped lower a couple years ago for $79 from my LGS, $85 and change with sales tax. It is my 300BLK Pistol.
    Direct from Anderson they are $57 to $63 on their website. Out of stock.
    Blems are listed at $37, but out of stock.
    I found them for $50 at Aim Surplus but again out of stock.
    $55 at Sportsmans Warehouse but out of stock.
    Every place I’ve checked is out of stock.
    Best bet is call your LGS around town and see if they have one.

  2. I was stupid enough to order something from them several years ago. I did eventually get my stuff. But…

    A couple of weeks after, my credit card was billed again for about $400. CTD had “helpfully” ordered more junk for me, without my knowledge or consent. They were quite proud of it.

    I had to get my state Attorney General involved. Canceled the credit card so they couldn’t try it again.

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