Monthly Archives: October 2012

Another Crimson Trace Convert

Matt reviews the Crimson Trace Laser Grips for Glock and is completely sold.

I am a big fan… I have reviewed some of their products in the past and am also completely sold. I also keep one on my EDC and have grown very fond of it.

The Trigger on the Shield is “Horrendous”

So says Jesse over at Ideas, Thoughts, and Happenings. I highlight it only because this is the first time that I have ever heard anyone complain about the trigger. I thought it was very nice myself and a definite improvement on standard M&Ps. They also had some light strikes from the Shield and what looks like smear strikes (But those rounds might be from the Glock).

Some good range day pics at the link also.

Ghost Targets – Cool Idea

Natalie (From one of my favorite blogs) got to play around with Ghost Targets. Its a pretty simple idea… small chunks of chalk held up by rubber bands and paper clips. Simple, yet a fun day at the range I am sure.

You could certainly make them yourself… or you could just buy a big sack of them for $18