1. I bought one item from Cheaper Than Dirt, A dipper for my reloading. Cost me more in shipping than the dipper did to begin w/ because of the way they packaged it. Really ticked me off. i prefer to buy local rather than online & this just reenforced my belief.

  2. I think CTD is actually a good site, from all the business I’ve done with them. Shipping has usually been on par with sites like Amazon, and overall prices (for stuff that you can sneak past Amazon’s censors) are generally about $5 cheaper.
    Guess that’s just me, though.

    1. Yeah, but when these dbag’s try and charge $50 for a PMag or $90 for a brick of .22, they can go screw themselves. I’ll never buy from them as a matter of principle.

  3. I price shop. Customer service, shipping, etc. all have a bearing on where I purchase.

    Prior to December 2012, I always found products cheaper elsewhere. With the CTD business practices from December 2012 and after, I would not purchase from them if they PAID me for the product, and included free shipping!!

    Why are they still in business? Oh yeah, people who sell their personal integrity & honor for $1 off a red dot scope. Sorry, I am not for sell.

  4. I used to shop there quite a bit but I noticed that the order taker would always use the more expensive shipping rather than the one advertised. After receiving blemished goods several times I stopped buying from them. Their $100 M-4 mags simply enforced my decision to never shop there again

  5. I stopped patronizing this company (whose name I cannot speak) when they delivered a catalog one day and refused to honor the published price the next day during an attempt to make an order.
    I requested to be removed from their mailing list, their customer list and have avoided them like the plague since.

  6. I used to buy from them on a regular basis. I stopped when they back stabbed the shooting community after Sandy Hook. I ordered some Troy mags, that were at a good, but slightly high price. They took my money and a day later, sent an email that they were no longer available. They refunded the money, which was the first time that had happened. Two days later, an email ad listed the mags at four times the price. There are a lot of other retailers that drank the coolaid (like DICKS), and they will also be avoided. I don’t care if they are the only source of a product, I’ll do without.

  7. I price shop too. But never on CTD. Sorry but there is a difference between inflation and what the market will bear and exploitation.

    The only upside to the crazy ammo shortages was it separated the real gun community from the pirates.


    1. OH! and call me crazy but I HATE when people call 30 round AR mags “High Capacity”. Sorry but that is standard capacity. 40, 50, 100 round, sure. You can call that high cap but 30?


  8. After Sandyhook, they charged $100 per AR magazine. Price gouging to the extreme. I will NEVER shop there again. I told them to take me off the list and haven’t heard from them since. They do advertise on Glenn Beck though. I wonder why he lets them unless they really paid him alot.

  9. Before Sandy hook, I was buying stuff from them. But yeah, as soon as they shut everything down on the site (That alone was good enough for me) But to my surprise, when it came back up… WOW.. NEVER AGAIN, Same with Assholes I Mean DICKS

  10. I stopped doing business with the [censored] long before the AR furor. Although I had to cancel a credit card to do it (they hung onto to cc info and billed me hundred’s of bucks for stuff I never ordered and didn’t want; had to call the state AG before they very reluctantly fixed it).

    And before that, there was the stuff I did order, but never received (but was billed for). And the time they sent me several pounds of… DIRT was morbidly amusing.

    Based on my own personal experiences, it’s my not-so-humble opinion that they’re simply crooked scammers.

  11. those that ‘are politically correct and go with the flow…..have no principles or values and will experience thew error of their ways….soon,,,,imho

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