Did Mossberg stop selling AR-15s?


Mossberg seems to have purged AR-15s from their website. I am still awaiting comment from Mossberg, but they have quietly pulled every AR-15 model down from their website. Everything AR-15 related is gone. The only auto-loading rifles that remain are the old school .22s.

Mossberg MMR

  1. Perhaps following Colt that consumer retail sales don’t make a profit with all the other AR manufactures out there. Seriously, why pay up to $1000 for one when there are $400 ones just as good.
    Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore still has a few Mossberg AR15s in 5.56 listed, and yeah, they’re not cheap. $550 to $900. Only 1 is available for $720.
    Third party sellers still have stock. Tombstone Tactical. Classic Firearms has a few for over $1000.

  2. My guess is a pure economic decision.
    Their AR’s, while not bad, did not sell well even when the market was hot.
    Probably going to see other’s drop out of that market and concentrate on their core products instead.

  3. Oh, that’s right, Mossberg tried selling AR-15s. Wasn’t that just two or three years ago that they started? Yeah, they were late to the game to begin with and then did not distinguish themselves. Probably just didn’t make enough money off of them is all. They make good shotguns. Just stick with what they know.

  4. As a fan of the Mossberg 500 I also purchased about 5 yrs ago a Mossberg in 270 cal. Bolt action. Very nice hunting rifle. However, I never knew they made Ar platforms.

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