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Do This; Not That

One of these things is not like the other:

The Armed Lutheran (and also with you) has a great read about using airsoft to do dry fire training in the home. I saw these pics a while back on twitter and was really hoping that he would do a write up about it all. He did… and he did not disappoint. That G17 airsoft gun costs about $75  – $100 and he points to several great benefits in the article that airsoft training brings with it.

*They also make 1911s, Beretta and a couple other pistol variants as well.

ProMag Archangel Introduces new Modern Stock for Mosin Nagant

Alternate Headline: I really, really, want all three of these products for my Mosin

Archangel Mosin Nagant Stock

At SHOT Show 2013 Archangel had this new stock on dispaly for the Mosin Nagant that really turns it into a modern sniper rifle. MSRP is Read Full Post…

Anti-gun Poiticians are Idiots

Dann shows us exactly why with what is one of the best break downs I have seen in a while using the Mini-14 that is not an assault rifle, is an assault rifle, is not an assault rifle, is an assault rifle, shoulder thingy that goes up edition. Meh, insert anti-gun rhetoric here:______________

Feinsteins New Bill – All Semi-autos are Banned. Period.

Via Ammoland and a hat tip to Aaron who emailed me about this… Feinstein’s new gun control civilian disarmament bill bans everything semi-auto that has a grip. Period. Its a very broad definition of “grip” which I would bet could be interpreted to even include a straight line rifle stock.

Here’s the problem none of the “news” reports have spotted: Read Full Post…

Follow up With More Snubbie Goodness

Another great post up from the TWOTWAWKI Blog on the subject matter of carrying snubbies… this time talking about the gear he has been through on his journey.

Its a great read… and I really enjoyed it because of what I have been carrying lately.