Dear Cheaper Than Dirt…

… Thanks for letting all of us Gunnies know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our boycott of your business was so successful:

The Second Amendment Foundation today announced that CheaperThanDirt has made an unprecedented contribution of $100,000, making the online sporting goods retailer SAF’s first-ever Diamond Level sponsor.

See also:

Recently, companies such as LaRue Tactical and Olympic Arms have announced that they will no longer sell prohibited items to government agencies and personnel in states that deny the right to own those items to civilians. It has been and will continue to be Cheaper Than Dirt’s policy to not to sell prohibited items to government agencies and/or agents in states, counties, cities, and municipalities that have enacted restrictive gun control laws against their citizens. We support and encourage other companies that share in this policy.

It was a nice try… and its obvious that you all spent some time in the conference room and came up with some pretty good ideas. You will still never see one-thin-dime of my money going toward your business ever again.


– Eric at the Gunmart Blog


I’m sure all of you in “the choir” already know about the ridiculous product pricing that went on at Cheaper Than Dirt, as well as their ill-fated move to take a stand against online gun sales in the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy (if not, just hit the search bar at the bottom of the page and give “Cheaper Than Dirt” a look see). Additionally, I have not mentioned on this here blog any of the countless anecdotal accounts of Cheaper Than Dirt canceling pending customer orders so that they could sell that product at their ridiculously inflated rates… but in my book, that was enough of a smoke/fire relationship to be the final nail in the coffin as far as I am concerned.

I’m forever done with Cheaper Than Dirt. I know that their business will probably be fine in the long run. They will certainly take a hit from all this and lose a core customer base, but most people out there probably dont even know about this and many will forget over time. I wont. There are plenty of other retailers (online and local) that have what I need, and at rates that are cheaper than Cheaper Than Dirt.

Good riddance.

  1. I second that. I’d heard of shady dealing with them two years ago, so I was elary of ever doing business with them. Recent activities of theirs clinched the deal. They have not and will not receive any of my hard earned money or support.

  2. I’ve spent a grand-total of $17 with them over the years. Frankly, their prices were rarely the best on what I wanted/needed and, to be honest, their inventory system always brought me pause. How can the same item be differently priced based on what warehouse it’s in? It makes no sense. I can understand different shipping charges based upon where the warehouse is located in relation to the buyer, but the actual price of the item? I’ve never seen anyone else do that.

    1. I can’t understand it either, but Amazon does the same thing, showing offers from different places. Changes nothing though as far screwing loyal customers without a seconds thought to please the anti-gunners.

  3. I never liked CTD from the git-go. They would not ship a lot of inventory to California, carried some questionable-quality items, and have always had a lowlife reputation. They are turncoats and profiteers. They do NOT belong in our brotherhood, and are part of the problem, not solution. I bet we will see them filing for bankruptcy within the next year. Good riddance.

  4. They did the same thing in 2009 only they went at it even harder this time. There are to many choices for me to have to do business with them.

  5. Now, Amazon rumors of no gun related items . I have been a regular customer – no more. Let Joe Biden and DHS be their main customers. Some suppliers announced they will not sell to govt or any political sub division, who have anti 2nd Amendment codes or rules, including employees of said state, county, city or authority district. Vote with our feet and wallets.

  6. You can add Gun Gear USA to the list also. Placed order for in stock PMAGS on 18 Dec, 2012 only to recieve backorder e-mail a week later. Few days later they were selling them for 40.00

  7. I will never do business with CTD, there is a local gun shop where I live and I said the same thing about them, it has been over three years since I stepped foot in the store. Please friends if you say you will not do business with them make sue you stick to your word, they are counting on you for coming back.

  8. Is there no possible avenue whatsoever for reconciliation for CTD to freedom-loving individuals? “Never doing business with again”, seems to leave CTD no real reason at all to change its ways, since it has seemingly already lost such customers permenantly.

    I agree, attempting to bribe its way back into the good graces of freedom-loving individuals is quite odious.

    However, should CTD publically announce its regret over its previous decision to attempt to support the disarming of peaceable individuals through voluntarily choking the supply chain under its control and make it part of its written policy to never participate voluntarily in such a course of action again… would that not provide an avenue for reconciliation?

    -PG (prior CTD customer)

    1. Well, you are talking hypothetical. They have not done anything to apologize or take a written stand for our constitution. Perhaps if they had, then my opinion on the matter would have been different. But they havent. I made a judgement call on their past behavior and I choose to take my money elsewhere.

      1. Of course it’s a hypothetical scenario I wrote of. I’m not doing business with CTD because of CTD’s decision to lend support to the idea that arms in the hands of free individuals is something to reconsider (and doing it while dancing in the blood of murder victims).

        Still, if CTD’s owners wants to mend their ways and recant, I’ll certainly be open to the idea of doing business with them again, based largely on the perceived sincerity of CTD’s change.

        On the other hand, trying to have it both ways, by being seen showing support for firearm freedoms without actually admitting the decision to cut off supplies to free individual buyers for apparent political gain was offensive to their customers (and/or wrong; pick one), well, that just won’t fly and I won’t buy.


  9. “many will forget over time”

    I do not have, nor will I ever have, any Smith & Wesson product in my house after the way they crawled in bed with “Slick Willie” Clinton. Is that a long enough memory for you?

  10. And Bill Ruger Sr was the author of the high capacity magazine ban sent to Congress on 30 Mar 1989. Still not buying any Ruger stuff.

  11. CTD made a mistake, give them a chance to make up for it. With their efforts, particularly with such a sizable contribution to SAF, they are asking for forgiveness. I’ll forgive’em. As far as prices, the entire market is crazy, and CTD is not the only one “gouging” – it’s pricing at what the market bears. I don’t like it, but it’s capitalism at work. Besides it they sold those PMags at $15, some customer would buy a bunch and resell them at $40 to make a buck. Capitalism at work again. I will wait to buy more of those! PMag might even moving out of CO because of legislation which is adverse to firearm ownership.

    1. Will we forgive them after they give a list of people who purchased cases of ammo or pmags to the government??? I wont buy at ctd ever again!

  12. They lost my business years ago when they implemented their policy of not selling parts they refer to as “assault weapon” parts to those of us in California. Keep in mind, you can buy, sell, import and manufacture any “assault weapon” part you desire and still be legal as long as you don’t manufacture it in to an “assault weapon” as defined by law. The plus side is that we now have tons of manufacturers and dealers in California making those evil black rifle parts for us… and we don’t have to pay CTD’s outrageous shipping and handling charges!

  13. CTD can ask for forgiveness by dropping their prices. When Gander Mountain sells 1000 rounds of 5.56 for $499 and CTD sells the same thing for $1000, they can apologize till the cows come home – no thanks. Free enterprise is NOT price gouging! And if the market really IS free enterprise, then CTD will continue to lose money to places like Gander.

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