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A Look at the Kel-Tec KSG… It doesnt look good

Daniel over at has a review of the KSG. One of the big things he notes (and has been a major question to me with this design) is that recoil is handled very well. He does note, however, that the gun falls a bit short of expectations:

However, when we went out to test it, the level at which it performed as a tactical weapon was laughable – so laughable I’m inclined to think we got a dud and can’t do a proper review.

I actually had the opportunity to meet up with Daniel for this shoot, but my scheduling just didnt allow it to be.  Now I am really bummed… I would have loved to have been there to see this new firearm fall flat on its face – which it looks like it certainly did. He has put in a request for another KSG to do a follow up, but this does not look good for Kel-Tec

The Red Jacket 1911

You might have seen it featured on the show the other night… looks like now they are putting out 1911s. Priced from $1735

Frame – USA manufactured 4140 Forged Carbon Steel by STI
              30 LPI Checkering on front strap and on steel mainspring housing
              Detachable bevelled magazine well
              Ambidextrous Safety
              High rise beavertail safety
Subdued Combat Gunfighter gun:
Slide – 4140 Forged Carbon Steel
              Front cocking serrations
              Full length one piece guide rod
              Champion Adjustable combat sights
Two Tone Stainless gun:
Slide – Stainless Steel
              Front cocking serrations
              Full length one piece guide rod
              Champion Adjustable combat sights
Hammer – CNC Machined A6 Tool Steel
Sear – CNC Machined S7 Tool Steel
Barrel – 416 Stainless 5″ match grade, ramped
Caliber – .45 ACP
Comes with Two Wilson Combat Magazines
RJF guarantee:
100% hand fit in small batches for ultimate lock-up and increased performance
Hand polished ramped barrel tested for feed with premium hollowpoint ammunition
Hand fit barrel and bushing for superior accuracy
Hand stoned and polished hammer and sear for correct engagement and crisp release

Michelle Bachmann says the AR-15 is her favorite gun

She said this during a radio interview with WHO-AM RADIO on Thursday morning. She also stated that she is a concealed weapons permit holder.

“Hey, I’m a pretty good shot, I got to tell you,” she said, later adding, “I learned how to hunt here in Iowa from my dad. I went through gun safety when I was 12. … And I scored the best in my class of any of the men, too, in that class.”

So why does she like the AR-15 so much? “Because you can be so accurate with it.”

“I love it. I love it, it’s a great gun. I like being accurate, and that is a great gun.”

14″ Barreled Pistol Gripped Shotgun That is Completely Legal

Yes, because of overall length this is completely legal:

Well, first off, let me say, it’s not a new ruling. It’s the same position that ATF has always taken regarding PGO firearms that fire a fixed shotgun shell that have NEVER had a buttstock attached to them—they’re NOT shotguns! They’re simply firearms. As such, they don’t necessarily need to have 18″+ barrels on them to remain out of the purview of the NFA.

It just goes to show you how stupid gun regulations really are. There seems to always be a work-around, and now the industry is looking to exploit those work-arounds to give consumers what they want.

What Holster Do You Carry?

Interesting poll going on over on the front page of

For the record, with me it varies based on gun and clothing selection. I am currently demoing a holster for my Glock 26 from Aker Leather and will have a full review after I can have some more carry time.

CCI Quiet-22 Ammo

GH&G is reporting on a very interesting new round from CCI. This .22lr ammo will be subsonic and CCI is claiming that it will have a 75% reduction in noise.

The Quiet-22 uses a 40 grain round nose bullet and creeps along at only 710 fps.  This cartridge will function perfectly fine in any single shot or bolt action gun.  According to CCI, the round will also perform well in semi-auto firearms, though manual cycling may be required due to the low velocity.

CCI, you have my attention. I’d really like to get me some of this stuff. I shoot a semi-auto Remington 597, so if it doesnt jam up then I would have no problems working it like a bolt action if this stuff does what they are saying it will…. and as Richard points out, it would be amazing with a suppressed .22

Retro Tactical

I just wanted to mention that is now back up and running. For a few months their owner, Tony, had to close up shop do to a job change and moving… now things are back online (with a new site) and they are once again open for business (Press release after the jump).I reviewed a few of their products a while back, and they really do make some top notch gear. They are also a great company to deal with and are fully willing and able to do custom one-off projects to give you just about anything that you can dream up. Go check them out and order yourself some gear. If you dont see what you want, send them an email and see if they fabricate it for you.

It has been a while since you’ve heard from me, its been a busy year what with one thing and another, but I am back and wishing you all the best of the season.
As you know, the store has been closed while the family moves, but I am about to open the store again, and fire up the sewing machine. My production capacity is going to be lesser than it was as I juggle the demands of Retro Tactical, my day job and my family. Mostly this will manifest as a streamlining of the products I will be offering.
In addition to pruning the current product catalog, I will be redesigning and updating some of the current designs. As these redesigns get completed, I will add them to the store, so over time some of the products will change – the store will look a little different than it did before I closed it.
In addition to the new products, I will also be offering custom services, although I won’t be able to take on as many projects as I did when i was working Retro Tactical full time. If you have a custom need, please email me and let me know, I will be happy to help any way I can.
If you emailed or called me while I was moving, I apologise for not getting a timely reply to you. I will be going over the calls and emails during the next week or so and making contact where necessary.
So a happy new year to you, and keep checking back to see whats new with the store, and keep your eye on the blog, as I will detail my new product and redesign efforts there. And as always, your feedback is always welcome, and thank you all for your support.

Don’t forget to check out the Retro Tactical Blog, where I post my musings and ramblings about sewing, design, and I showcase some of the custom work that I do,

Thanks to you all