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Range Trip!

Well, I finally got the chance to get to the range over the holiday weekend… which was great, because it had been a good long while. I took my three main defensive guns and gave them all a workout… Glock 17, Glock 26, Kel-Tec P32… All performed flawlessly.

We had a great time and I was even able to drag the wife along (who hasn’t been shooting in an eternity). She wanted to get some range time in because she is very seriously considering finally
getting her concealed weapons permit. This is awesome! I have been wanting her to do this for years. She travels some in her business, and also loves to spend all day at the mall on her day off (No, she’s not a 16 year old girl… Think of it more like reverse golf widow-ism). Basically, I’ve been wanting her to get a permit to put me a little more at easy when she is out and about without me there with her.

This does have a down side, however because she will most likely be taking possesion of my primary concealed carry gun, the Glock 26…. Or I guess you could say that it has an upside, because if she does decide on the Glock then I will get to go gun shopping! Either way, I am very happy that she is finally taking her personal safety serious enough to start carrying… And also that I can now work in a trip to the range and call it “date night”.

How to Choose A Self-Defense Instructor

Michale Janich takes on this subject over at Trainers Command Post.

As a personal defense instructor, one question that I get a lot is “How do I choose a good
self-defense system?” Interestingly, this is both a tough question and an incredibly easy one. Ultimately, the answer depends a lot on your actual training goals and the physical attributes you have to work with.

As far as deciding which systems are best, you should first understand that in a real fight or when defending against a real attack, your body will revert to “caveman” mode. The physiological responses to the fear and anxiety of the event will cause your body to change temporarily. Gross motor skills will override fine and complex motor skills, so complicated, finesse-based movements will not be a viable option. As such, when evaluating a personal protection system, look for those that emphasize simple, gross-motor skills that you can learn reasonably well in a short period of time and be able to apply effectively if you are attacked sometime soon. The tactics of the system should also allow you to immediately understand the function they provide. If you’re spending your time practicing the “Flying Lotus,” “Gargling Badger” or some other esoteric movement that doesn’t immediately conjure up vivid visions of pounding the snot out of someone, you’re not on the most direct path to learning how to defend yourself on the street.

 Go see the rest of the article at the link

Video: Sig Sauer P238 Problems

*UPDATE… From the email machine:

SIG SAUER has fixed Gabe’s pistols, but I wanted to give all your readers the heads up.
If your readers have older P238s that have this same feed ramp issue, they can contact SIG SAUER by phone at (603) 772-2302 (press #3 for Customer Service). Please be advised that our customer service phones have peak call times and you may wait several minutes for a representative if calling at these times. Our peak call times are, Monday 10am – 4pm, Tuesday through Friday 11am – 2pm. 

AK Love

With a guest post

Over at Gun Nuts, there is a nice little AK buyers guide run down. This is a really nice read, and you should take the time to go over there and check it out…. Just ignore all that Red Dawn/Jennifer Gray stuff at the end.