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Ruger MK III

In case you already didnt know that the Ruger .22s are awesome, Whitey (thats racist!) puts together a nice read on the MK III.

*Exit Question: Which is more racist-er… “Whitey” or “Monkey”?

*If only there were some great arbiter of race that we could consult on the matter… it would also help if he were a reverend or something.

Windham Weaponry SRC Reviews

Here is one of the first that I have seen.

I mentioned a while back that Jesse over at Predator BDU has gotten his hands on one also and is promising a full write up. I personally have yet to have any hands on time with the new Windham Weaponry rifles, but their specs look pretty good, and their price point should make them a good seller.

The Haus on the Glock Rear Sight Laser

Ebbs takes a look at the LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser…. here. I reviewed it a while back and you can read that…. here. The cheapest place to pick one up for yourself is here.

*His pics are way better than mine… I probably need to get a new camera (or some talent).

Handloads for Personal Defense

Nice read on the subject over at….

I personally think that the whole argument against it is a bunch of hogwash, and pure Internet myth…. Carry whatever the hell you want. A jury isnt going to care when it is a justifiable self defense shooting, and I have never, ever seen any case-law to back up the mythical tainted jury argument. Prove me wrong!

Commemorative .22 lr Winchester Ammunition

I had not seen these yet. Its nickel plated commemorative ammo from Winchester. Celebrating 200 years since Oliver F. Winchesters birth, these Limited Edition cartridges feature:

  • 40 Grain, Plated Lead Round Nose
  • Nickel-plated shellcases
  • Specially designed “O.F.W.” headstamps
  • Vintage packaging w/the image, signature, & biography of the man that helped “Win the West”
  • QTY:50 rounds per bx

 Here is the commemorative headstamp:

Weapon Mounted Lights

The Primary Arms Blog breaks down the entire subject pretty darn well… here. You will probably remember, I am indeed a fan. With one important caveat to always remember being….
Keep in mind, a weapon mounted light does not replace the need for carrying a handheld flashlight or even handsfree flashlight.  There are plenty of things you will want to illuminate without pointing your weapon at it!  Safety always comes first.

Jerking the Trigger Reviews the MagPod

Matt got an inside track to getting his hands on the cool new MagPod. You can read his great write up here. I think this is a really cool product, and something that is gonna sell very well. And oh by the way… Matt is right about that sacred cow elephant:
First, like I did in my first MagPod post, lets take care of the elephant in the room. The MagPod is designed to allow shooters to use their Magpul PMAGs more efficiently as a mono-pod to steady their rifles in the prone position. So, it promotes resting the magazine on the deck which many people wrongly believe will cause their rifles to malfunction. This is simply not the case. It has been shown over and over by several instructors who teach this technique and oversee hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of rounds being sent down range that this is a valid technique that will not cause malfunctions with a quality magazine and quality rifle. There, I feel better.