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Aimpoint PRO

Rifleman’s blog has a nice review put together on the most affordable Aimpoint ever. Tom also has a review over at My Gun Culture. Compare and contrast as you so desire.

Exit Question: Am I the only one who didnt get an Aimpoint Pro? lol

Tac Pens

A nice review of a couple of different ones over at Tactical Gun Review.

I was pretty surprised when I saw the S&W one at the local Academy Sports recently. Amazon is also a really good place to pick one up… Some of the best prices that I have seen.

The Definitive List – Stupid Things Anti-Gunners say

Yes… here it is. The definitive list of all the stupidly moronic things that anti-gunners say about guns, gun owners, and gun ownership in general. Did I miss anything?

I carry a cell phone because a gun is too heavy.

When seconds count, the police are only a few minutes away.

What do I have to be paranoid about? I have a superior intellect.

Guns kill people.

I don’t carry a gun because I want to shoot someone. I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed, and not on a sidewalk somewhere.

I’d rather need it and not have it than have it and not need it.

All guns are full-auto AK-47 machine guns.

I dont own a gun to keep from being killed. Read Full Post…

The Online Ammo Ban

Question: Why exactly does it matter that the Colorado shooter had 6,000 rounds of ammo at his house while he did this shooting?

Follow-up Question: How exactly would limiting his ammo purchase to 999 rounds have stopped the massacre?

Answer: Because Gun Control.

Details of the new online ammo ban at Gunalizer

*I love how the first thing on the list is a tax on people who want to sell it. Never let a good revenue opportunity go to waste!

CCW Infographic

Here is a project put together by 5.11 Tactical. Its an infographic that breaks down reciprocity.

As different states have different requirements for obtaining CCW permits, reciprocity (respecting other states’ CCW licenses) varies with each state. We have analyzed the reciprocity for each state and found some interesting facts:

  • Michigan and Arkansas CCW licenses are honored in 39 states, more than any other in the country.
  • Illinois and Washington DC are the only No Issue states. It is illegal for a private citizen to carry a concealed weapon in public. They do not issue or honor any CCW licenses from any state.
  • Wyoming, Alaska, Arizona, and Vermont are unrestricted states, no license is need to carry a concealed weapon.

Full graphic after the jump.

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Celebrity Mall Ninjas

I was going to mention this a while back, but I forgot about it…. Its a new reality tv show where celebrities play gunnie mall ninja. And apparently Todd Palin = Chuck Norris or something. Production value looks like its way up there, but I have a funny feeling this is gonna be cheesy.