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James Bond: “I wouldn’t touch a gun in my everyday life.”

James Bond

Yep, thats exactly what Daniel Craig told the Daily News in a recent interview that they entitled “James Bond is afraid of guns!

“I wouldn’t touch a gun in my everyday life,” Craig told us. “I don’t enjoy firing guns, either … even with fake bullets,”

Wow, Freud would have a field day with this one. Oh well… chalk up another anti-gun celebrity on the list.

Stop the Presses! – New products from Magpul

Alternate Headline: If it aint broke… Magpul it.

Alternate Headline: You’re slacking on your operator-inginging

TFB has two new posts up showcasing two really cool new offerings from Magpul… 1911 grips! (Boom! These look sweet! Great price. They look like they are a lot of grips for the money) and MBUS Pro that are all steel construction (Cool, but pricey).

Go check those new Magpul products out. I’m in love!