The red flag loophole…

So, how long does it take to get a ‘red flag’ put into NICS? Since the only thing that red flag laws do is remove guns from a ‘highly dangerous’ individual, and leaves them essentially on the loose in society… what is stopping them from immediately going to the gun shop 30 minutes after their guns are confiscated and buying another gun?

I’m not even talking about the fact that they can still get one illegally. There are tons of failures in the NICS system… and I would bet dollars to donuts that it takes a considerable amount of time for the ‘red flag’ to show up in the system.

  1. It’s not so much as to how long to get into NICS, but when found innocent, how long to be REMOVED from NICS?

  2. I live in Ma. (not a good thing).
    I was thinking about Salem Witch Trials the other day and how similar they were to this Red Flag Laws stuff happening now. Many “witches” were hung in Salem. All that was needed was for anyone to make a BS complaint against someone for any reason, real or imagined. If these people were really witches, wouldn’t they just use magic to get out of Salem before they were arrested? Of course we now know that they were most likely all innocent but they didn’t have “FAIR” trials or Due Process. Apparently we didn’t learn anything from then till now because we are till going to just take someone’s word that a person said something or pointed their “Finger Gun” at someone and they were so “afraid” that they need to make a Red Flag Complaint.
    What a really simple way to hand people all they need to get back at someone they don’t like or are mad at like an ex lover or a nasty neighbor or whoever pisses you off for what ever reason, no matter how real or contrived. These laws are so flawed but the dangers they create are very real, even if the actions of those accused are not.
    Apparently the curses of the Salem Witches is spreading across the entire County now.

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