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Lucky Gunner Joins the Cause has joined the movement to stand against state infringements of the second amendment. This from their presser…

We want to inform you all that we will stand in support of our rights as law abiding citizens. Effective immediately, we are not bidding and we will not bid on any government contracts within the states prohibiting sales of ammunition to law abiding citizens.

In an effort to support those law abiding citizens, we will continue to sell to those citizens up until the last day that we can legally do so.

Thank you,
The Team

FPSRussia Raided by ATF

FPSRussia Raided by ATF? Wow. This is a very interesting turn of events. Apparently Kyle Myers (FPSRussia) was raided by 40 ATF agents because they believe he was using explosives illegally.

The ATF contends that he did not have the proper licensing to use explosives for business purposes. Since he was receiving payment through his YouTube channel they believe this was a violation.

FPSRussia Raided by ATF

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Safeguard Body Armor Giveaway

Safeguard Body Armor is doing a giveaway right now on Facebook that I wanted to mention to you guys and gals (Yes they make body armor for females too). They are giving away a free Stealth bullet and stab proof vest to two winners.

Here is the Facebook link with all the details. Contest ends March 31st and winners will be drawn at random.

If you liberals are for gay marriage then why do you oppose modern firearms?

Interesting take on things over at The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse…. where he compares and contrasts liberals’ views on marriage as being modern and evolved while at the same time they argue that the 2nd amendment is about muskets. Nice.

*And dont flame me in the comments section about politics and what not… this is also a discussion about firearms.

Bushnell Fusion: The 1 Mile Laser Range Finder Binocular

Bushnell Outdoor Products, an industry-leader in sports optics for 65 years, combines the best of optics and distance measuring technology in its new Bushnell usion 1 Mile laser range finder binocular. As the first company to introduce an obtainable laser rangefinder for hunters and shooters in 1995, Bushnell again broke the mold in 2010 with the introduction of the first laser range finder binocular for under $1,000.

Bushnell Fusion 1 Mile - Lifestyle

The latest innovation from Bushnell, the new Fusion 1 Mile is available in three configurations: 8x 32mm, 10x 42mm and 12x 50mm. Featuring BAK-4 prisms with PC-3 corrective phase coating and the exclusive XTR® prism coating technology, the Fusion 1 Mile delivers superior resolution and image clarity from dawn to dusk. The patented RainGuard HD lens coating from Bushnell causes moisture to bead up and scatter less light, giving users the clarity they demand, rain or shine. Read Full Post…

Video released of Mark Kelly buying gun

Mark Kelley gun

Here is video of Mark Kelley buying a gun. No, its not that famous AR-15… Hmmmm… where is that video at, Mark? Maybe he wasnt lying after all… maybe he was just an idiot. He does say in the video that he is going to hand over the gun to police. He also points out how many guns he already owns – which by lame-stream media standards would be considered AN ARSENAL! Wait. Isnt he supposed to be anti-gun or something? Read Full Post…