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Meh. What ammo crisis!

Now if I can just get it into the house…

Bulk ammo

I’m joking. I didnt actually buy that. It wasnt the correct bullet weight that I was looking for. Heh!

I will note that when I texted that picture to The Wife, I got an immediate response. lol

Exit Question: How big of a bulk buy do you need to make to get the price back down to pre-panic levels? Oh well, Its Academy… I am sure they will put it on clearance.

Alternate Headline: “I’m from the Govt and I will pay you double.”

Impulse Buy…

Alternate Headline: Rape Whistle

I picked this up the other day… and it may be the best $8 I have ever spent… now I just need to figure out exactly how I am gonna carry it. In all seriousness, it would make a great “flash-bang” for the ladies.

Meyerco Thumb Drive

They are $10 on Amazon if you want your own… Or this little beauty is only $6.

This just in on ammo availability…

We’ve been talking ammo availability on the blog recently and “Someone in the know” just emailed me and confirmed that Yes, indeed .22LR ammo is still quote:

“awfully tough to find from most of our suppliers”

My advice, keep buying whenever you can find it. It aint over yet (at least for .22s)

Academy Sports No Longer Ashamed of the AR-15

Well, I just got back from a trip to the local Academy Sports, and I was pleasantly surprised to see they have once again gone back to fully embracing the AR-15.

Academy Sports + Outdoors

You will probably remember that in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy a few of the major retailers Read Full Post…

Ammo Update… “Its over”

So I was in a local gun shop/pawn shop over the weekend and I noticed two things:

1. This relatively small, mom and pop shop was overflowing with both pistols and long guns. Thats something that was not the case during the recent buying frenzy that was brought about by the national talks of gun control civilian disarmament. Read Full Post…

Introducing Colt Hunting and Defense, Match Ammo in 5.56

Colt has teamed up with Black Hills to produce a premium line of 5.56 ammo that they say will deliver 5-shot MOA groups. It is designed to be a hunting/personal defense/match load. It will initially be offered in a 55 gr load and a 77 gr load.


Product InformationĀ  Read Full Post…