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Nikon Engineers New 30mm Riflescope For .300 AAC Blackout


Nikon has developed the all-new M-300 BLK riflescope to maximize the effectiveness of the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge while using both supersonic and subsonic ammunition.  Now, shooters have a 30mm body riflescope that can harness both variations of this up-and-coming cartridge. Read Full Post…

And here is Open Carry Texas’ visit to Chili’s…

Open Carry Derp

Another “win”.

“You’ve heard of the 2nd Amendment right?”

Customer: “You’re a dumb ass”

Yeah, great job winning the hearts and minds. The only thing that is becoming “normalized” is you clowns getting kicked out of restaurants. Success indeed!

Seriously, please stop helping.

Open Carry Activists

Here is their trip to Sonic if you missed it.

BTW- I’m with Caleb… If you guys are not just in it to be attention whores, then nut up and open carry handguns as a form of civil disobedience.

Video – Open Carry Texas visits Sonic Drive-In

Told to leave…

Yet another “win” for the derp-squad. At least they picked a restaurant that I dont like this time.

Open Carry Activists

Exit Question: When cops stop into a fast food restaurant for lunch, why do they leave their AR-15s in their vehicles?