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The newest addition to the survival tool box

And I do mean box. I dont have a bug out bag… I have a bug out box. I have been assembling a large plastic storage bin that has enough tools/supplies/etc to allow me and the family to camp out of the car for at least 3 days.

I have come to the conclusion that if we do ever need to suddenly bug out it will have to be by car. If that ever happens it might take us days just to get out of the state, and we need to be able to perhaps spend a few nights camping out of the car. This box is something we can just grab and go if we ever have to.

I added a Daisy slingshot and some pellets to the box that I recently got at Walmart (not associated with Gunmart). Its a great way to discretely take small game and would be very useful in a bug out situation or for an extended bug in situation. I have literally only shot this thing two times thus far, but it is pretty accurate. Right now, having only fired two shots, I could probably take a small animal at about 50 feet. I am sure that with a little “range time” I could prove to be quite lethal with this thing.

Words fail me…

Me no bloggy talk well hard… Ding, dong, dang! Noreen Ultra Long Range Rifle:

A model of simplicity, a Noreen ULR Rifle consists of just a few basic components – a premium steel barrrel, machined receiver & bolt, Timney trigger, muzzle brake, shoulder stock & bipod – combined for one purpose: ultra-long range accuracy.

The rifle’s mass weight matched to a muzzle brake and recoil reduction system eliminates excessive recoil. In fact, most shooters report their Noreen ULR Rifle “kicks” far less than their standard deer rifle.

Pocket Cannon Review

I mentioned the other day that I recently got the opportunity to play around with a pocket cannon from the good people over at

Pocket Cannon

I’ve got to tell you… this thing is great. Yes, its just a novelty item. Its silly… its pointless… there is no real need to own one of these… but man, it is so much fun!  Testing this pocket cannon was one of the most fun trips to the range that I have had in a really long time.

Pocket CannonThe pocket cannon shoots .177 caliber BBs (and probably pellets too, but I didn’t try that) via black powder and standard fireworks fuses. Its barrel is fabricated from solid brass, the carriage is made from aluminum, and it comes with a solid brass ramrod. It is adjustable for elevation via two knobs on the carriage, and it is adjustable for windage by… well… just turning the darn thing a little.

Pocket Cannon

Here is a video of it in action:

One of the best things about the pocket cannon is that it is not a firearm. There is no serial number and it is not regulated in anyway so there is no need for an FFL or a transfer of any kind. Its basically just a machined piece of metal. Just plunk down your $39 and they will send one out to you in the mail just like anything else.

Pocket Cannon

At the range, this thing is a total hoot. I didn’t tell any of my shooting buddies that I had one of these in my possession until I pulled it out of my pocket at the range. When I did it lit up everybody’s face. One guy asked if we were “seriously going to shoot that thing“, but once he wrapped his brain around the idea he was stoked. We went on to fire this thing I don’t know how many times and we had a total blast (pun intended).

Pocket CannonI used standard off the shelf Hodgdon Triple 7. I constructed a paper funnel to get it down to the small bore size, and filled the cannon approx one-third full with powder. I also just used simple torn pieces of paper towel to act as wadding. The cannon stood up to the charge that I was using just fine…. I did not have a powder measure so I cant give you an exact measurement, but I would think that it would still be safe just north of what I was putting in it.

We punched holes in paper targets from about seven yards and it handled that task easily. I didn’t make any attempts to chronograph the cannon, measure effective range, or take accuracy measurements because… well… that’s not really what these are all about. On future trips, I think it would be fun trying to blowing some stuff up like in the video above – I always like blowing things up!

When firing the cannon, its almost cartoon-like watching and waiting for the fuse to burn down… and then when it goes off it makes everyone giggle like a little kid. “Shoot it again! Shoot it again!” was pretty much the mantra for the day. I’m telling you… anytime that you can take something to the range with you that will make a bunch of gun nuts put down their ARs, Sigs, Glocks, and everything else that was on the shooting table, you know its really fun. We loved it!

Pocket Cannon

The Pocket Cannon is so much fun that I really cant effectively convey it here in words. I dont know, maybe I am just an eight year old kid that never grew up, but its really just something that you need to play around with for yourself to understand. They are a ton of fun. I have always had a thing for cannons, but this was actually the first time I had ever had a chance to fire one. I’ve often said that if I had some land with considerable acreage, I would have to own an honest to goodness big-boy cannon. This is no substitution for that, but its a lot of fun none the less.

Their website has some great info on the “how to’s” of firing as well as cleaning the cannon…. here. You can also place your order straight from their site. These cannons are very well made and they would make a great gift for just about anyone who loves things that go boom. They are also a great conversation piece for on a desk or a bookshelf. For just $39 + free shipping its pretty hard to beat.

There are many more pics of the cannon that you can view…… here.