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The Gunmart Blog 2013 Gunnie Gift Guide

Alternate headline: Oprah’s Favorite Things?

Here it is… the definitive list of all the cool things that you need to put under the tree in 2013 for your favorite gun nut. Merry Christmas! (Yeah, I said it! Your political correctness offends me.)

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MFT Minimalist Stock Torture Test

Just a rather typical review of the MFT Minimalist Stock up until about the 12:30 mark and then they beat the crap out of it. Spoiler alert: Its tough.

Here is my review from a while back… I am a big fan. They are right at $50 in local retail shops.

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Slow blogging… Maybe.

Just a heads up… I may or may not blog any but maybe some this week. Gonna be busy, but I will try to squeeze some stuff in from time to time if I can. I have a couple reviews coming, and if something lights my fire I may rant about it… but this will be a busy week with Thanksgiving and all. Thanks for your patience.

-Your humble blog keeper.