1. $19 yesterday, jumped to $29 AS I ordered some. Geez.

    And no firearm-related anything on the menu right now. Not even accessories, from what I see.

    1. When you login you see all the ‘other’ stuff, my bad. My order from yesterday is ‘still being processed’. Hmmmm.

  2. Considering what they did with their ammo prices after barry O got elected the first time around, I find this pretty believable. Extremely disappointing, but believable.

  3. Everyone knows it’s the right of any given company to charge what they want but this will cost them loyal customers on principle. I won’t spend another dime with CTD & I spent quite a bit of money with them over the years. Other companies are jacking prices on pmags & ammo but not to the extent CTD has.

  4. Because of this I will NEVER buy from them again. However I got an email today stating that they will resume online gun sales once they reconfigure their ordering process.

  5. On their FaceBook page it says they stopped selling firearms only temporarily. They were overwhelmed with orders. This is actually pretty believable given that just about every news outlet is screaming that more gun laws are needed.

  6. They have lost my business forever! This is underhanded ans skummy. Companies like this should be boycotted out if business

        1. This was no lie. I saw with my own eyes several days ago the price gouging that was being committed on Cheaper Than Dirt. I hope they are happy with their decision; it has cost them a sizable chunk of their customer base. This BAD decision may just cost them their online business.

          1. And as I said, it went from the (normal?) $19 to $29 *as* my checkout cart was being processed last week.

            I think they may have overreacted to events but the gouging was unforgivable. I also bought some from the site that didn’t increase prices; they got flooded and are actually backordered.

            CTD did deliver my order quickly. But now I need to decide if I ever want to deal with them again.

  7. I quit buying from CTD over a year ago. They have always gouged with inflated shipping charges. Watching what they are doing now with 99.99 30 rd mags etc. just confirms to me that I made the right choice. Not people I care to do business with.

  8. I sir am a capitalist and u sir are a communist. If you don’t want to buy then don’t I don’t care. But don’t tell me I am wrong for selling to people that want a product I have and nobody else does. If people are willing to pay more they want it more that is how the economy works. It’s not my fault you are a broke baby. I am making money and laughing at you because you are too dumb to realize the market has changed and it’s not my fault it’s your communist buddy. Why not boycott the manufactures for not producing enough for all you communist to get an equal share that you can afford. Maybe you could get the government involved to make things equal for you. Until then the market dictates the price this is called supply and demand. Price adjusts according to demand. I gave people what they wanted at a price they were willing to pay. Who are you to tell me I am not free to sell to them without your blessing. They work hard and they deserve it more than you so I am happy not selling to you but to them. The market will change again but what direction we don’t know until then I am going to load up and do what I can to keep my guns and bible and sell to others not to be equal but to make money.

    1. You are barking up the wrong tree. I never stated that you need my blessing to sell what you are selling. I am only saying that you are taking advantage of the present situation to make a profit. Do so if you want. I hope the extra cash you make is worth the degradation to your soul. And for your personal information I have long ago stocked up on all the firearms and firearm related stuff. I wasn’t caught unaware like so many others nor will I be taken advantage of. And as I said before, “You sir are a parasite.”

  9. You are like a woman clinging on to one thing I said instead of looking at the whole thing, and the one thing you focused on is not the point. The point is who are you to be our dictator and tell us what is a good price that would be equally fare for everybody. People freely chose to buy my pmag they didn’t have to they wanted to. Why they wanted to buy at whatever price is there business. Why I am willing to sell at whatever price is because I know it is very likely a mag over 10rd and other things will be banned and if that is the case there will be no more production so if I want one it will cost me more. What I bought it for doesn’t matter its how much its worth. Your value of what it is worth no matter how much it cost to make or acquire is wrong. Buy low sell higher that is how a business works. I am trying to point out to you CTD is selling at a fair price in relation to the demand and what they could charge and get. If you have everything why do you care other than you feel you are better than everybody else and you know better to dictate prices where is your million dollar company and employees you have to pay for. You call me a parasite because I am smart enough to understand the market and earn a wage. You are the one trying to force companies to give you and your friend’s handouts in the way of what you dictate to be fair prices. I earn and take advantage of my god given gifts you cry and try to force people to your will and to do what you want.

    1. I read your response to my wife at dinner and she commented that you sound like a misogynistic neanderthal. Charge whatever you want to for your pmags. How about $200 each? $500 each? What I was saying, which I apparently did not get across, was that pro-gun people should comes together and not fight for resources out of panic. Now more than ever pro-gun Americans need to present a united front against those who dream of leaving us all unarmed in their perfect utopia and not gouging each other in a fit of panic buying. So from what I’ve read so far I still stand by my parasite label.

  10. HEY “FU” GT Distributors is not Price Gouging!!!!!!!!!! And they are always cheaper!!! Everyone reading this go with them. Do business with someone who doesn’t want to “FU” when you are down (limits available on products) and then yall turn around a complain when large store takes you customers. There is a gun store here where I live that got cleaned out, they are a little more than the big stores but they are keeping the same prices. I hope they don’t ban anything and all of the rip out artist like “FU” lose everything, including his boyfriend.

  11. From GT distributers they claim they have no AR, AK, M1A, M14, .223/5.56 and will not take any back orders on any of them and on mags over 10 rounds. They also try to make a point that they are committed to the industry and will not price gouge. Because they have no inventory they are willing to sell to the public they are out of business in that market. It is easy to claim they will not price gouge because they don’t have any inventory. By making that statement they are trying to position themselves in a way they can keep customers although they have no inventory to provide their public customers. They are trying to make it a loyalty thing instead of a business transaction. When this is over no matter what the outcome they are making out. If the ban doesn’t happen and the market cools down they look like the good guy. If the ban does happen and mags are no longer produced then they don’t have to worry about it because they don’t have any inventory to offer to the public; however, they may have inventory they are holding to sell to retailers or people at higher price later on because like I said mags could become rare hence high prices. I am not putting down other businesses like GT buy if the price is good be an educated buyer. Just don’t be blinded by politics, and don’t be envious of others because they know what they have and you don’t. Maybe you could sell all your stuff on the market at the price you want so there is more supply to knock back the wave of demand.

  12. People are buying stores are making money and instead of uniting in the way you feel they should they are rallying to get what they can and trampling on you and your ability to buy because you are not able to earn enough money to keep up with the people in the market now. You are too greedy to share what you have with others. Even if they beg you to enter the market by offering you more of their hard earned money. High prices don’t stop people from buying a product if they really want it. The problem is most gun owners today tend to be freedom loving American capitalist unlike you a communist dictator. You want pro-gun owners to rally with you to be equal share resources the way you think is fare. While pro-gun owners are uniting to buy what they can now at whatever price. You call me names and have no reasoning other than you don’t think I am not fare. I give things to people who earn and want it more what have you given. Average Joe I am not worried if your dad leaves me I still have your mom.

  13. Lol you are right it was wrong of me to lose my cool and jab back. I concede that. I am just venting my anger about the people I feel are wrong in trying to control the market when it naturally does it itself that is what the invisible hand is all about. As a consumer it is my job to buy as low as I can and as a seller it is to sell for as much as I can. Let the market do its thing don’t get angry about it and call names or boycott good people trying to make a buck especially when there business could be shut down by the government. If you really want to rally think about going after the ones who want to shut down all the great companies that provide guns and accessories. They are the ones putting this fear into people with the threat of losing jobs and a means to protect themselves. Be proud of the ones still trying to fight it by keeping product moving.

    1. Those companies and private individuals who have taken advantage of this rotten situation will get theirs eventually. Karma can be a bitch.

  14. Price gouging during times of war in this country was illegal and was a federal crime. I dont really give a shit whether the market will bare the price its pure, unadulterated greed. Its disgusting to cash in on a subject like gun control. Its shit like this that makes the gun control lobby even more assertive. CTD was a rip off to begin with and never had shit in stock.

  15. They cancelled my order three weeks after I bought them, I emailed then to ask about a tracking number told me the were cancelling all backorders,(they weren’t on back order when I bought them) and were refunding my money. The same day i got an email saying that they had them in stock but at limited quantities and for crazy prices. I’m never buying from them again.

  16. The bastards have now jacked the price of P-Mags to $79 + shipping…F*ck them!!..I’m never buying anything from those greedy bastards again!!

  17. Cheaper Than Dirt is not a realiable option for me for quite some time. I don`t even bother with them anymore.

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