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Moms Demand Action: Be Smart We admit defeat

Alternate Headline: Would you like to concede?

Wow. This video is nothing but a concession speech and a desperate effort to cling to some sort of relevancy in order to stay in business. If you don’t want to sit through the entire video, I will sum it all up for ya here:

*You are going to buy a gun anyway, so talk about it and be on the same page.

*Keep kids from getting your gun.

*More kids die from drowning than from guns so also ask if there is a pool at the house before a play-date.

*The 5 rules of gun safety.

*Having a teen in the house is the single biggest risk factor for a suicide.

*Damn it! We cant do anything right!

I also loved the implication that police are ‘the only ones professional enough’ to handle a gun in this video – I lol’d.


Review: ATI Tactlite Stock & Adjustable Cheekrest Kit and Scorpion X2 Grip

I mentioned not too long ago that ATI Gun Stocks sent me over a few of their new products to work with. The package that showed up here at the Gunmart Blog Test Kitchen included their new Tactlite stock, Tactlite Adjustable Cheekrest Riser kit, and their new Scorpion X2 grip.


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