And here is Open Carry Texas’ visit to Chili’s…

Open Carry Derp

Another “win”.

“You’ve heard of the 2nd Amendment right?”

Customer: “You’re a dumb ass”

Yeah, great job winning the hearts and minds. The only thing that is becoming “normalized” is you clowns getting kicked out of restaurants. Success indeed!

Seriously, please stop helping.

Open Carry Activists

Here is their trip to Sonic if you missed it.

BTW- I’m with Caleb… If you guys are not just in it to be attention whores, then nut up and open carry handguns as a form of civil disobedience.

  1. I conceal carry every day all day and strongly believe in the second amendment. These dummies that think they will help the open carry cause by acting like idiots in the public eye are simply dummies. The best way to change anything in our country is in the voting booth. Some people are naturally scared at the sight of a weapon especially with all the mass shootings that have been happening lately. Please find another way to change our laws instead of bringing negative attention to yourself and all of us.

  2. Hey, lets all infight and attack other 2nd amendment people like little bitches. Cuz that will help the pro-gun cause. Dweebs, get out of your basement and put down the lollipops.

  3. So Rodger, you carry and these guys carry. But they don’t carry like you do, so they’re “dummies?”
    If these guys are following the law, good for them. If they’re not particularly likeable, even BETTER. Because if the second amendment protects them, I know I’m protected, too.
    If it only protects those who conform to norms not materially related to the rights in question, then you’re just being naive if you think it can’t turn on you in a flash.
    Let them do it their way. Just remember, there’s probably a MDA mom out there that doesn’t like the way YOU carry – aren’t you glad what SHE thinks doesn’t matter?

  4. Just like normal politics there are 3 sides here. Pro gun, anti gun and the middle. We probably won’t change minds of the anti gun crowd but we do have a chance to sway the middle. The middle is usually just ignorant to the real facts. Slingcarrying an AK into Chilis doesn’t help educate the middle and only gives the anti crowd more to spin into lies. Flag burning is Free Speech. You going to go and exercise that freedom too?

  5. Emmy, I like the First Amendment just as much as I like the Second. The fact that I am free to publicly and explicitly speculate as to what species your mother might have copulated with in order to conceive you does not make it the right thing to do. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. And you can’t do something in a place you’ve just been thrown out of.

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