Taurus CT9 Carbine – Dead on Arrival

I have talked about the new Taurus CT9 Carbine in the past and have derided it quite a bit. I personally just dont think that its a well executed pistol caliber carbine (or any kind of carbine for that matter). There are just too many things lacking in the overall design that just make it a disappointment and something that I think is a huge opportunity lost for Taurus.

Taurus CT9 Carbine

But here is another thing that I just found out that makes this gun DOA… I was reading the new issue of G&A – which of course has the new Taurus CT9 Carbine splashed right there on the cover –  and the article inside (full spread center feature) written by Patrick Sweeney has some very damning news. The magazines are going be costly, in very limited supply, and I seriously doubt that there will be any available with a capacity greater than 10 rounds.

The way Mr. Sweeney tells it in the article, its all because of importation laws and Taurus cant ship the guns with mags of greater capacity than 10 rounds (or at least its easier to include 10 rounders) AND Taurus is not legally allowed to make magazines here in the US that are larger than 10 rounds. In addition to that, Taurus is also not allowed to be directly involved with any other company that does make such magazines. Mr. Sweeney does of course try to downplay this little hiccup and states that “the market” will take care of this little problem. No big deal; nothing to see here. Yada, yada, yada…

OK – so lets take a look at this not from the angle of someone who is being paid to write for a magazine which gets big ad revenues from Taurus on a regular basis (just saying) and lets take a more objective approach…

I believe that his gun – because it is a pistol caliber carbine – will have a much more limited market of buyers… Buyers whom I believe to be only the more serious of gun owners (read non-casual), and its a gun which I feel is already suffering from a marketability standpoint because of the overall design shortcomings, will now also be hampered by the fact that magazines are going to be hard to come by, pricey, and most likely not available in the capacity that everyone is going to want. To me that looks like a deal breaker for a bunch of potential buyers out there.

No, I dont believe in this case that as Mr Sweeney says “the marketplace” will take care of this. I believe that the marketplace for accessories (magazines) follows the gun sales. If the sales of the CT9 are not there and in very large numbers then there is just no incentive for the magazine manufacturers to tool-up to turn out magazines for the gun. They are going to follow the money and produce magazines for firearms that are in wide circulation. Thats why older and rare firearms are so difficult to find magazines for…. Because manufacturers have no real incentive to turn out magazines for them. The same is going to be true with the CT9… Sorry, but I just dont think that Magpul is going to be chomping at the bit to produce CT9 magazines unless sales of the gun are just through the roof.

Which brings me to the next problem… Some magazine companies might produce CT9 magazines (years down the road), but it aint gonna be the companies like Magpul who would turn out good, quality mags. So now you are going to get magazines on the marketplace (and maybe even the 30 rounders that everyone is going to want) but they are going to be of poor quality and they are going to earn the CT9 a reputation (unfairly) of being an unreliable gun. Casual gun owners are not going to look past that and realize that its a magazine issue. They are going to blame the gun, and long term viability for the gun as a product in the Taurus catalog is gonna suffer.

So here you have this perfect storm of a gun that not many people are going to want to buy. Lets look at what sales might be like for the Taurus CT9 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being a gun “Everybody and their momma just has to own!” As the number goes down from 10 so does the number of guns sold…

  • Limited number of buyers that this product will appeal to… 7
  • Design is lacking (no folding or collapsible stock, muzzle not threaded, doesn’t take Glock mags, etc) and is not everything the market believes a pistol caliber carbine “should be”…. 6
  • Only comes with a proprietary 10 round magazine…. 5
  • No higher capacity magazines currently or foreseeably available… 4
  • Poor quality aftermarket magazines give the gun a reputation of being unreliable… 3
  • Any other personal perception about the gun that a potential buyer might not like about it… 2

I’m not going to buy one… and I personally would love to have a pistol caliber carbine (Probably an SBR). I also believe that most of the more well informed buyers that this gun would appeal to (target market) wont buy one either. Sorry, Taurus, but this gun is not long for this world. IMHO I personally dont think that this gun was what it needed to be in the first place to be a success, but the issue with magazines (admittedly not something Taurus can control because its a federal bureaucracy issue) is gonna be a TKO.

Call it! Time of death…



  1. Any “pistol caliber” carbine that uses a proprietary magazine is looking for trouble in the market-place. The whole point of such a gun is that it would share ammo with the side-arm of the user….and better yet, would use the same magazine too.
    Now, if Taurus had built this door-stop to use the PT-92 magazine family, they would have a winner.

    1. You are right. It would certainly open up their potential market wider. Glock could have done this a while back and cornered the law enforcement market with a pistol caliber carbine back before everyone started carrying ARs as “patrol rifles”.

      I think you could get away with a proprietary magazine and just market it as a stand alone home defense rifle or a truck gun or what have you… it just limits your potential target market.

      I said Glock magazines in the above post because they are just the most ubiquitous, but honestly as long as the mags that the gun takes are quality mags, inexpensive, easily available, and higher capacity than 10 rounds its doesnt really matter. People that are gonna own a gun like this are gonna want lots of mags and they are gonna want 30 rounders. If it take the same mag as their sidearm all the better.

  2. I had considered buying the CT9, but finding one for sale anywhere discouraged me. Now that I know I will not be able to get 30 round mags, I’ll be buying the Beretta CX4, which comes with a 30 rounder. Nothing against Taurus, mind you, I own a PT24/7 Pro LS DS 9mm. and it’s a great pistol.

  3. I love my 9mm Beretta CX-4 Storm. Mine has the mag conversion so it can take the 92 magazines. I have both 17 and 30-rounders. This is one is the most popular rifle when I go shooting with friends. One of my favs as well.

  4. If I was to have a little carbine for pistol caliber stuff I would definitely want it to have a folding stock to make it as handy as possible.

    Probably would just go out and find me a nice paratrooper M1 carbine to fill the role other than this other junk that is on the market now. 😉

  5. I think the Taurus CT9… is a perfect example of what happens when a firearms manufacturer collaborates with the Nerf Gun design team, but forgets to use bright colored plastic in the final product…

    Dann in Ohio

  6. For Taurus not to use an existing pistol mag for this thing is beyond reason. I’ve heard about the importation restrictions and high cap mags…….so it’s a no brainer to ship it with 10rnd pt92 mags. Why would they handy cap them selves this way? Does the no direct connection to any high cap mag producer thing effectively prohibit them from using an existing pistol mag; or was it just an extreme bone head move on their part from the begining?


  8. I picked up a ct9 yesterday and promptly too it to the range. I have to say the gun is a bunch of fun. I ( and about a half dozen other folks) at the range put about 200 rounds through it and shot beautifully.

    The trigger is crisp, accurate right out of the box, comfortable to shoot, good sights, next to nothing recoil, and overall just a fun gun to shoot.

    BTW field stripping and cleaning was a breeze too….remove 1 pin (no tools required) and slide out the bolt assembly.

    The mags were OK, and while limited to 10 RDS, were more than adequate. Yeah it would be nice if it shared mags with of my pistols, but its like complaining that my glocks won’t take my 1911 rounds.

    The gun is a ton of fun in a nice package. I’ve got no regrets so far.

  9. Do some research before you make blanket statements. The OWNER of a CT-9 is going to be able to simply scan the 10 rd. and print it at any 3D shop. No big deal.

  10. What are these laws that I have not heard about, that restrict the magazines that Taurus can import or make?

  11. What’s foolish about this is that Taurus has a manufacturing facility in Miami (where they do a lot of MIM work). They should have invested in that facility and manufactured these carbines there and designed them to use PT92 magazines (then they could also use the 32rd Beretta M9 mags).

    I agree, this thing is DOA and won’t sell enough to get a foothold in the market. Half because of the mags, half because it’s overpriced.

    The only reason I’d consider buying one of these is if after its discontinued I found one in my LGS for under $200 … then it might be a worth while little toy.

  12. I have two PT92’s and love them. Very accurate, with large capacity magazines. I thought about getting a Beretta CX4 and have the magazine catch replaced with the PT catch, as I have a dozen of those mags and would like the interchangeability. I was VERY excited about 30 minutes ago when I discovered that Taurus made a 9mm carbine. I would have bought one the moment I found one. Then I found out that it doesn’t take the PT92 magazine. I’m apoplectic about this. Crushed. Disappointed.

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