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Molon Labe Industries, manufacturers of polymer magazines and accessories for rifle platforms, has recently pledged to donate a portion of its revenues to , a 501c3 non-profit foundation structured to help those that are on the front lines of safeguarding our freedoms Read Full Post…

Cuomo Throws Brady Bunch and Bloomberg Under the Bus

Ha! This is great… In this NY Post article Gov Cuomo’s staff calls out the Brady Bunch and Bloomberg for all the ignorance in the so called Safe Act…

“Much of what’s in the law was drafted by people connected to Mayor Bloomberg and the Brady Center, not by the governor’s staff,” the source said. “That’s why there are so many problems with it.’’

Thats hilarious! But here is a question for ya Cuomo… if its bad legislation then why are you not willing to just throw the whole thing out.

Exit Question for New Yorkers… is this enough for you to throw out Cuomo? Whats that politicians always say about not letting special interest groups run things?


NRA President: ‘Gun Control Advocates Were Ready’ for Newtown Massacre

“Gun control advocates were ready,” Keene tells the liberal website. “Newtown gave them the chance to do just that. They launched their current anti-gun campaign even before the kids and teachers who died in that tragedy had been buried. [Democratic] Senator [Dianne] Feinstein [of California], who had her new assault weapons bill in a drawer, pulled it out. The president and vice president went after guns. Their question was not ‘What can we do to prevent gun crime or mass murders?’ but ‘What can we do about guns?'”

The Huffington Post Defines the Second Amendment for us.

Here is the article I wrote that was published over at Ammoland yesterday. Enjoy!



A Chicago Liberal on the Huff Post defining our gun rights for us? Oh, where shall I begin…

Geoffrey R. Stone, the “Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor of Law” (seriously – thats what they refer to him as) at the University of Chicago, took on the task over at the Huffington Post of defining the second amendment for us laypeople who are just too gosh-darn stupid to figure it all out for ourselves.

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New from CrossBreed Holsters: Modular Belly Band

Top quality holster manufacturer CrossBreed Holsters, LLC is proud to partner with one of the most recognized trainers in the industry and owner of I.C.E. Firearm Training Services, Rob Pincus, in introducing the first ever CrossBreed Holsters Modular Belly Band System.

Crossbreed Holsters Modular Belly Band

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What Gun for Yoga Class?

Shelley has a discussion on concealed carry at Yoga Class and has decided the best way to carry is purse carry. I think she is probably right. Off body carry seems to be the only solution… what with all the sweating involved. Or you could just open carry a 1911 in a Miami Vice shoulder holster… Boom! Nailed it.

*Shelley, you should have published the article under Caleb’s name so everyone would have thought he wrote it. Ha!

Gabrielle Giffords’ Husband’s Daughter’s Dog Kills Sea Lion

There is a Ferris Bueller joke in that headline somewhere… Anywho… Gabrielle Giffords’ Husband Mark Kelly’s 18-year-old daughter’s dog attacked and killed a sea lion in California on Saturday…

And oh, BTW… this headline is incredibly misleading… Can you say journalistic malpractice, boys and girls? Pulls dog off of a sea lion? Really? He saved the sea lion? No, the headline should read that their dog attacked and killed a sea lion. Not until the last line at the bottom of the page do they say that the sea lion died.

Will there be charges like there are when people “harass” a sea animal? Nope. Like you and me, only better. Remind me again how these animals are NOT protected under federal law?

Video Below: (Graphic)

“Drown the dog!”

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