Daily Firearms News

Here is your round up of all the daily firearms news from around the web…. Enjoy!


Shooting a WWII Soviet Steel Helmet with a SKS and a Mosin–Nagant

Coverting an H&K USC to a UMP

Kenn Blanchard’s CCW Diary Pt. 1: “Good and Substantial”

New Muzzle Break from Arsenal, Inc. softens recoil and eases control

NRA commentators pose dilemma for racist and sexist anti-gunners

Photo of the day: Two Ponies

Don’t Tell Me, Mr. Mayor

Pretty is as pretty does

Bloomberg And Brady Campaign Drafted The SAFE Act – Funny, thats the same people who scream that the NRA is writing our gun laws.

Combat Focus Carbine Class Review

AR15NEWS 300 Blackout AR Pistol Build

Video: Syrian Rebel Jury-Rigs A Remote Controlled Rifle

Cleveland Holster Review : With The Springfield XDS

Ruger 10/22 Takedown

Biden Says “Just the Beginning”

Sellier and Bellot 25 Auto 50 Grain FMJ Gel Test

Note To Self

How to Mishandle a RPG in Maaret Ikhwan

Politico Columnist: NRA’s LaPierre Has ‘Blood On His Hands’

Georgia Teens Shoot Baby: Where’s Al Sharpton? – Good question

Shaun McClusky in Tucson: Free Shotguns To Residents Of High Crime Areas!

Yes I am a gun owner but, Journalists, you do NOT know me.

MRCOLIONNOIR Responds to Jim Carrey’s Cry for Attention

What Does it take to Shoot with an Occluded Sight Picture?

Time to Get Off the Sidelines

Will Colt Join the Magpul Exodus?

75 Round RPK Drum Bump Fire And The Bieber Cutout

Urban Survival Day 32 – Figure Out if Someone is Armed

Urban Survival Day 33 – Conceal a Weapon

Shotgun or pistol in your home: Which is better?

Chrome Mosin

North American Arms Case Hardened Mini Revolver

Making coffee in Afghanistan (Video)

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