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Pressing On Regardless…

Secret Dem Push to Put Gun Dealers in the Crosshairs

BREAKING: New Info on Sandy Hook Spree Killer

Modifying the Glock – Mission dictates the mod

Variety is the spice of life.

What the UN Arms Trade Agreement means

The Biggest Gun and Magazine Ban in American History

Another Member Of ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ Arrested

I Talked About Guns On The Radio

Product Review: Bushnell Scout 1000 Arc Rangefinder

Enough of Jim Carrey

PSA Classic Lower Parts Kit – Minus FCG – Just $ 29.99

Law Enforcement and Gun Control

Here is the only opinion that counts in the civilian disarmament debate

Obama Moves To ‘Shame’ Congress Into Approving Gun Control Package

The 8 Pages of Warrants From Lanza House Search: Read and See

Pat Henry: The Second Amendment Does Not Give You the Right To Bear Arms

So You Still Need More Reasons Why Gun Control Is Wrong

Can you say ewwww??

Mr. President: My conscience is clear

Medford K&T F.U.K. and S.U.K.

We’re all Criminals Now: President Obama Calls for Background Checks before ENTERING a Gun Show

Here’s a rarity from GunBroker: M16A1 Carbine cutaway

Here’s a rarity from GunBroker: M16A1 Carbine cutaway

LWRC eyes Maryland exit

Texan praises Second Amendment Foundation for getting gun back from Sheriff

S.T.A. Training Group AK Final Course Exercise

Loud Noises Don’t End Gun Fights

Pistol Ammo Update – 3/28/13

Urban Survival Day 35 – Wield a Tactical Flashlight

Realistic range requirements

90% of Households…

The 10 Coolest Guns On Planet Earth

Does anyone hold classes on how to properly utilize a pistol bayonet?