Video released of Mark Kelly buying gun

Mark Kelley gun

Here is video of Mark Kelley buying a gun. No, its not that famous AR-15… Hmmmm… where is that video at, Mark? Maybe he wasnt lying after all… maybe he was just an idiot. He does say in the video that he is going to hand over the gun to police. He also points out how many guns he already owns – which by lame-stream media standards would be considered AN ARSENAL! Wait. Isnt he supposed to be anti-gun or something?

*Interesting how he noticed the depleted inventory at the shop. Go to gun shops much, Mark?

*Also interesting is that he and Gabby just dont seem to be too into this… to me their tone in the video is kinda like they are just “going along to get along”.

Exit Question: Anyone know the laws about secretly video taping someone in Arizona?

Exit Question #2: Does this officially qualify as lying on the federal form?


  1. Why would I believe this video is for real now? Three weeks late! I can reset my video to any date I want too! Not Convinced.

  2. A quick search on Arizona wiretapping and electronic surveillance laws suggests that Arizona only requires 1 party consent to record a conversation, so if Mr. Kelly was aware of the filming (which I think is a safe assumption) then there shouldn’t be anything criminal about the videotaping.

  3. Wonder if any of these oath-breaking, traitorous arsewipes can provide us law-abiding citizens with credible info on how many criminals submit to background checks when stealing guns or even buying stolen guns.

    I feel sorry for Gabbby because some mentally deranged nutcase broke the law but nothing these arsewipes have proposed would have done anything to stop Gabby’s shooting or Newtown or Columbine or … .

  4. Let’s get this straight; They want background checks to make sure people with mental health problems can’t get a gun.
    He asks her if she wants to shoot it.
    SHE WAS SHOT IN THE HEAD!!! She’s brain damaged!
    I’m not being mean. I live in Tucson. local media has been following her progress, and she has problems. She shouldn’t be handling a gun.

  5. I wonder how well he will do getting the medical records of mental cases like the guy who shot Gabby. I guess it’s easier to go after some straw man argument that to go to the heart of the people, which is the nuts allowed to run loose, not the guns.

    Incidentally, the number of nuts running loose is directly creditable to Jimmy Carter’s administration when they made it much more difficult to keep people who should be institutionalized in a place where they belong.

  6. Mr. Kelly,
    Now, just tell me how many thugs, robbers, rapists and others with criminal records are going to submit to a background check. I suspect they will continue to get guns they way they always do–illegally, from friends, fellow criminals, thefts and other black market outlets. As your president has stated, just before Sandy Hook, there are plenty of laws on the books regarding gun control. Has there been any outrage about ENFORCING them? If the current laws have not/cannot be enforced, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or astronaut) to figure out that NEW laws are unlikely to be enforced adequately or effectively. They will, however, make people feel better and burden all the non-criminals in the U.S. How will universal background checks, registration, et al identify and keep a gun out of the hands of a mentally-ill individual? I suggest you put your energies into a realistic goals–mental health initiatives, getting the severely mentally-ill off the streets and the like. That would be a better focus.

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