Another Tiffany & CO Gun

Seen everywhere on the social-nets… This one chrome plated:

Tiffany CO gun

Follow the links for more Tiffany & CO themed guns.

8 Responses to Another Tiffany & CO Gun

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  2. Who buys a pimped Glock, and then feeds it the cheapest ammo available?

  3. Are you able to give the color of duracoat you used . I do some duracoating and want to paint my gun. The closest color I can find is not called Tiffany blue but a different blue.

  4. Ruby Villarreal

    Can you please tell me the prize of this gun? Thank you .

  5. How much is this gun….where can I get it?

  6. That looks like someone Kryloned their Glock. I don’t know what’s more unbelievable. That someone actually paid to have a Glock look more like an accessory at a gay wedding, or that Duracoat actually has a color like that available.

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