Another Tiffany & CO Pistol

Seen everywhere on the facebooks…

a Tiffany & CO Kahr:

Tiffany & CO Kahr Pistol

And here is a Tiffany & CO Glock from a while back if you missed that.

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  1. That’s a Kahr P380 not a Glock

  2. I want to know where to purchase this gun and how much it cost.


  3. How much to duracoat?

  4. Where can this be purchased and how much is it …..been go ogling but no luck

  5. That’s not a Kahr P380 it’s a Karh PM9 if you don’t know guns you shouldn’t talk about them!!!!

  6. Please, Please Where can I purchase this? Cannot find :-(
    Thank You,

  7. We did this firearm in a custom mix of H Series Cerakote-

  8. $100 to cerakote the frame, $80 for the engraving.

  9. Is this just the gun in a tiffany box? Is it even tiffany&co?

  10. What’s total cost and can the cerakote be done to any gun. Send me the link please. Thx

  11. What’s the price of this beautiful gun. I would love to have one

  12. Where can I buy this gun?

  13. Can the gun be purchased painted prior to shipping so that comes to me in this fashion?

  14. how much for one of these?

  15. Bobbie Garrett

    Where can I purchase this gun and how much is it?

  16. How do i buy this?

  17. Connie Murphrey

    Please let me know how much the gun cost and am I correct it is a 9mm? Also, how long would it take for the shipping? Call me if it would be easier.
    252-717-6465(c) 252-565-5652(h)

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  19. I need to no how to get one of this

  20. I want this where can I find one

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