The NRA better go on the offensive, and they better do it now!

Well, there was a school shooting in Texas. At least 10 dead and this is the first significant incident since the left has weaponized the parkland students. This is going to be an important crossroads for the gun rights movement, and this is one that I think is a must win for our side. The nation is looking at this. Politicians are looking at this. Gun owners are looking at this. Non-gun owners are looking at this. This is the moment where we are going to have to prove that we can effectively beat back the gun grabbers or we will lose a great deal of ground in the next several years. I don’t care who is in the White House.

I have said it before and I will say it again… the game has changed. And the NRA had better get with the times and figure out a counter to this new style of attack that the left is employing against guns or it will soon be game over. The gun grabbers have created an incredibly strong propaganda machine that is now a force to be reckoned with. Underestimate their power at your own demise.

I think this is also going to be the moment where we see what the NRA is truly made of. Are they willing to throw anything else under the bus to passify short term manufactured outrage like they did with bump stocks? Or will they give the gun grabbers the middle finger and say ‘come and take it’ like they did after newtown. Politicians are watching. Make no mistake, EVERY politician in Washington wants America disarmed. They are just waiting for the NRA to signal that they will protect them during re-election before they sign that bill. Now we are going to find out if the NRA itself is the slippery slope that we are so worried about.

  1. Well said.
    A number of people have made this point, playing defense doesn’t work for each time the Liberty Grabbers take a little more of our freedom.

    Note that I used Liberty Grabbers INSTEAD of ‘Gun’ Grabbers. This is for several very important reasons:

    1. This isn’t about scary inanimate objects the national Socialist Left doesn’t understand.
    We don’t talk about freedom of speech in terms of ‘pen’ control so why are we doing this for the commonsense natural right of self-preservation.

    2. The issue here is Liberty – and this extends to other aspects of the bill of rights.

    3. The national Socialist Left would love to keep this in terms of scary objects.

    4. They cannot abide the use of Liberty instead of gun in this debate.

    Thus it should be:
    Liberty Control instead of Gun Control
    or Liberty reform instead of Gun reform

    Finally, we need to keep this debate in terms of Liberty Culture as opposed to the Left’s Culture of death.

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