1. OMG, those high capacity clips-Super scary-But my security detail has multiples clips per person, but thats because I’m better than you pos citizen scum bags heheheheh!!!!!! Please don’t forget the evil flash hider hiding the flashes, collapsable stocking device which stocks the shoulder and hips for shooting Rambo + g.i joe style. You don’t need anything but a single shot musket for when ganbangers attack!!! Maybe this jerk should move into a nice gang infested neighborhood in L.A and only be armed with a black powder musket and 2 shot derringer, which he has to leave at home every day when he leaves for work. Im sure T-Bone and little romeo won’t mind robing, and Tea bagging this sack of puss until they get enough money extorted out of his pretty boy b-hole. that politician should leave the U.S.OMG-The Ghost gunsAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH–Molon-Labe

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