Google has repeatedly flagged this gun blog for “sexual content”

Over the past week this blog has been flagged 4 separate times by Google Adsense for policy violations deemed to be “sexual content”.  The posts in question relate to a link to another blogger who was doing an ammo review and three posts titled “Gun Porn” (I guess this post will be the next to be flagged) which linked to other posts outside of this blog of gun pictures.

At first I thought maybe a liberal came across this here gun blog and tried to get me flagged just to be vindictive, but as I submitted the first two flagged pages to google for review, both were deemed to be in violation of their policy.

Google 1

I am fighting this. Stay tuned.

  1. Hey Eric,

    I work for the company, and we have had these same situations with Youtube (owned by Google). As said, keep us updated on how this goes. Curious to see.

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