Have anti-gunners won their war on gun videos?

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Its so damn hard to get my fix of gun videos now that YouTube has gone full retard.

Other sites have popped up, but they seem to be DOA. Gun Streamer seems to have nothing but random and uninspired video content. Their highest subscribed channel seems to only have 264 subscribers. And the view counts on their videos are abysmal. Their top viewed video has raked in 9,000 views.

Full 30 was a little earlier to the game, but to me the content is still lacking. Their top viewed video has only raked in 700,000 views. Thats pretty bad by YouTuber standards.

So, is it over. Have gun video channels become so hard to monetize that they are soon to be extinct? Where else can I get my fix?

  1. Plenty of gun videos still on YouTube. You just have to search them out.
    Even videos on building the AR15 lower are still there.
    How to bum fire you rifle. With or without a Slide Fire stock.
    Demolition Ranch is still there, although he has cut back a bit.
    Kotaboy, Iraqveteran8888, hickok45 and others.

  2. Yes, for now, YouTube still has lots of gun videos. The restrictions simply are not that bad – meaning that, unless they change them, it really is not hard for content providers to comply. Do I trust YouTube not to crack down and pull every gun video? Nope.

    However, YouTube execs must remember that the people who come to look at gun related content often stick around and watch other stuff. If they ban gun channels, I’m gone – and I am sure that I am not the only one who would leave. It is in their interest to keep gun channels around.

    Now, as for Full30, and to a lesser extent the other services, if and when YouTube bans gun channels, they will definitely skyrocket. The gun channels have made it known that all of their content is over there – so you can bet that is where people will head if YouTube drops the hammer.

    The biggest problem these channels will have is getting on to Roku, Apple TV and Android. So far, the best that Full30 has been able to offer is the ability to download content in MP4. If, like me, you have an Android TV box with Kodi installed, it’s easy to save the videos to a network share or a thumb drive for later viewing on a TV via Kodi. Word is that Apple TV has turned them down flat – but Roku might allow them on the service – and there are ways to install “unapproved” channels, so Full30 does have some options.

  3. It’s going to take more than 6 months or a year!
    How long has The Socialist YouSuck been around? 10yrs? 15?
    Jeeez, have some GD Patience and engage the other platforms at least.

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