1. It’s hard to get a sense of scale from the picture, but it’s actually shoulder-launched missile sized

  2. LOL. Thankfully, just like the G26, they’ll sell you full size magazines and/or extension sleeves so users can bring it right back to the size of the G19 they should have bought in the first place.

  3. Not funny posting a Photoshopped photo been looking into this G42 380 was excited till I looked closer. Not funny but Iam.

  4. Well having possession of a Glock 19 I will tell you that this one would be easier to conceal and lighter to carry. Outside of that I think you might still be better off with a Derringer.

  5. Why would you create propaganda in order to get more traffic to your site?

    It may be a joke, but it does not state such. This must be Obama’s site.

    1. People like you are the reason I hate so many people.

      If you need every joke on the internet to be explicitly articulated as such so that your tiny little fish brain doesn’t get confused and frustrated, it’s going to be a long and miserable existence for you and you should probably end it all now with a suicide by dick in the throat.

      And it’s not Obama’s fault you’re a moron, that’s on your cousin-parents.

  6. Glock 42
    Calibre: .22lr
    Capacity: 10+1
    MSRP: $429.–$549. w/Laser sight.
    Dealer inquiries welcome.

  7. seriously-if glock did that but with a minimum grip long enough for one finger and about a 6 or 7 rd mag it might just work

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