Tactical Spray Paint – Tactical cause it’s got a laser on it!

Yes, there is a laser aiming device for spray paint cans now… Introducing the LaserCan. You know, for when you want to go full Mall-Ninja while you give your AR-15 that rattle can camo job….

Seriously, this thing is not a joke… But It would be funny for someone to do a Crimson Trace Photoshop job on this bad boy.

Adjustable for windage and elevation, of course. Price: $20


LaserCan is an ergonomic circular band that slips over the top of any regular aerosol spray can. It is equipped in front with a single adjustable laser, that the user sets in the center of the spray pattern when the can is at the recommended distance.


Alternate Headline: But wait… there’s more!

Alternate Headline: No more spray and pray.

Alternate Headline: I cant wait for the green laser version to come out.

  1. They demonstrated those on the “This Old House” hour on PBS last year… but I’ve never seen on in a store around here… Now if they also had a weapon light mount so vandals could see while spraying graffiti…

    Dann in Ohio

  2. What happened to eyeballing it? New ways to increase our technological laziness. I can just hear the Union bosses now!

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