Meyerco Thumb Drive Neck Knife Review

I mentioned the other day that I made a little bit of an impulse buy… I say a little bit because I have actually been looking around and wanting to get a neck knife for sometime now and just have never really found exatly what I was looking for. Well, I stumbled upon the Meyerco Thumb Drive Neck Knife the other day, and like I said in an earlier post… its the best $8 that I have spent in a long time.

Meyerco Thumb Drive

What is so great about this neck knife is that its one of the most grip-able (is that even a word) of the small hideout knives that I have seen. There are certainly other great micro backup knives out there, but the design of the Meyerco Thumb Drive lends itself greatly to you being able to control the knife and use it effectively in a fight. That little thumb hole that you see in the middle of the handle is an excellent grip. Wrap your four fingers around the knife and pinch down with your thumb real hard in that hole and you are good-to-go.

The knife is pointy as all get out and is certainly sharp enough from the factory to get the job done, but I did end up putting a better edge on it with a hand sharpener. YMMV, of course with regards to the desire to do that or not, but it will certainly open someone up “as is” without any additional work.

The knife comes with a beaded lanyard to hang it around your neck like any traditional neck knife, but for my purposes I wanted something that would be a bit more discreet than to have a beaded chain hanging around my neck. I ended up going to Lowes and picking up some double-sided Velcro to put through the openings in the sheath.

Meyerco Thumb Drive Neck Knife

This setup allows me to carry the knife wrapped sideways around my belt. Under an untucked shirt the knife of course disappears, but what I like is that the knife is small enough that I can put it behind my belt and it will also disappear when I am wearing a tucked in shirt as well. The only thing that is visible is the Velcro, and you can pretty much hide that behind a belt loop… people have to look pretty darn hard to realize that you are carrying anything. I have also found that this Velcro setup that I have allows that knife to be carried very well inside of a bathing suit by just attaching it to the drawstring. Pool Carry!

*I will also note that I wore this as my EDC at the beach recently, and after a solid week of sweat, sand, and saltwater it was in great condition. I didnt rinse it everyday like I should, and it began to show a very small spot of rust after it was all over… but a little bit of CLP when I got home took care of that. Plus, for the price, these knives could just be throwaways anyhow.

I paid $8 locally for mine and am darn glad that I did. They are $9 on Amazon if you want your own… Or this little beauty is only $6.